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Feel the Heat of Terry L Harris' Tropical Vibes in, "Hold Me Down"

Known for his true love towards all aspects of music, Terry L Harris reigns supreme from Toledo, Ohio, where his journey as a producer and recording artist first launched. Through reflective soundscapes, he has never been one to disappoint listeners. Each piece that he offers up carries a sense of passion, soul, and most importantly, heart.

Swinging into his irrefutable jurisdiction of artistic virtuoso, Terry L Harris is making quite the splash with his latest hit “Hold Me Down.” The buoyancy radiated in this up-tempo piece plays upon a vibrant soundscape of striking harmonies, sizzling drum patterns, and enough charisma to sweep us into the tropical vibrations portrayed.

This is a side of Terry L Harris that we’re eager to delve into, as we’re familiar with intimate contributions that weigh heavily on emotion and vulnerability from his typical musical showcases. “Hold Me Down,” flips the page and has us fully immersed in soothing timbres that serenade us in love and its simmering moments. Throughout the various vocal layers seeping into this composition, we’ve immediately transported to a world of sultry passion that Terry L Harris conjures up with his memorable flairs.

Crooned in utter bliss, the effervescent portrayal of desire has taken us on a roller coaster ride that we want to put on loop. “Hold Me Down,” has highs, lows, and everything in between that constitutes a hit song to be exactly that. Continuously excelling in the adaptability surfacing from his artistry, Terry L Harris has us hung up on yet another one of his masterful offerings.

Hello Terry and welcome to BuzzMusic. “Hold Me Down,” shines a light on such a different side of your artistry! We’re very impressed with how this song rounds out your brilliance. What inspired the tropical theme in the instrumentation and the lyrical concept heard in this soundscape?

Thank you for giving me this awesome opportunity to speak with you! Thank you for your kind words about Hold Me Down, I wanted an island vibe to cut thru as being a part of the solution to say and play something different. I chose a great artist in DC Muziq to bring the song to life vocally and he brought the magic lyrical pen taking the song up a few notches!

Compared to themes heard on other records available in your music catalog, what does “Hold Me Down,” say about you as an individual and artist?

"Hold Me Down" simply says people, places, and things are affected by music, my job as an artist is to present different avenues for my listeners to travel down finding their path with the music. As an individual, this is my most ambitious record to date being that it is my first time blatantly choosing to write a concept track. Plus I love the island life and wanted it to come thru in the song!

Could you please take us into the creative process that brought this song to life? How long did it take you to create the finished product that we hear today?

I happened to come across another track of DC's thought it was dope and I thought. I can write a dope track for him. Then it was just about listening to some island-type vibes for a couple of days. Once I was locked in, I recorded and produced the bulk of the track in two days in my studio and introduced it to DC. It took around 3.5 weeks up to the mastered finished version once DC put his parts on along w an assist from my frequent writing partner Kevin Gregory jr.

How important is it for you to be versatile in your craft? Do you think the vast versatility is something that can work in the favor of all artists?

For me, it is ultra important to be versatile as I love having the ability to write for anybody and in any kind of genre. It takes some work and discipline at not relying on default go-to riffs, licks, settings, etc..staying true to the genre I'm working in is fun and challenging both, I love it! I would recommend all artists and those am working with to open their musical tool chest and go get some tools(music influences) from other genres, it just may spark new fresh ideas.

What is your mission statement as an artist?

Again, thank you for taking the time to hang with me for a little bit, it's always fun talking music and about my babies! This a great question. Well, I can say that music is powerful, it speaks and breaks down barriers. My mission is to continue to be a part of the solution with my writing, my collabs. When listeners come to visit my music catalog, they can find a song that doesn't invade, intrude and or throw off negative vibes, just solutions!


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