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Feel The Nostalgia With Geo Moon’s New Release “Broken Man”

Hailing from the UK, after the dissolution of two of his bands, feeling the emotional cracks that caused, vocalist and musician Geo Moon decided to create his very own piece of work, a 12 track solo album entitled “12 Years Of Patience”, written, produced, and mixed/ mastered by Geo himself. Off that album comes the new single “Broken Man” . Gigging with just an acoustic guitar and the library of songs from “12 Years Of Patience”, Geo met Phil, who would eventually become his lead guitarist, and then came Nick on bass guitar, and the final puzzle piece was Lynn on drums. Geo now had a full band to support in allowing his audience to feel the full vibe of the music he had written as a result of such a negative time in his life. Of course not without a few setbacks, mainly health issues on the part of Phil the lead guitarist, and the possible need for some session musicians to fill the gap that Phil has left. In the meantime the band is busy writing and preparing their second album.

“12 Years Of Patience” and especially the track “Broken Man” are a trip down memory lane, with vocals as well as the instrumental track being very reminiscent of the early to mid 2000’s Alt-Rock meets Rap, not unlike System Of A Down meeting the “Hybrid Theory” era of Linkin Park. With powerful guitar riffs set to a great beat, the melding of the Rock and Rap is seamless in this single. The lyrics in this track are speaking to the modern social media world we live in, about how we’re always looking back at things in the past and how we live life dependent on our screens and the amount of engagement we receive online, never allowing us to be fully whole, culminating in the last line of the chorus “I wish I could find myself to have, to have some fun, but I’m the broken man”. There’s a little something for everyone in “Broken Man”, whether you’re into the Alt-Rock scene, love melodic rap interludes, or you’re looking to find that classically illusive Linkin Park sound you’ve been missing, Geo Moon knows how to hit the audience right in the feels while still allowing them to rock out.

Listen to “Broken Man” by Geo Moon here and get to know him more in our exclusive interview down below!

Hey Geo Moon! It's great to chat with you! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello. It's a pleasure. I'm a music lover and music creator. I play some

instruments, sing, song write and produce. 

Love the new single! Can you tell us a bit about the creation process of "Broken Man"

Thank you. Yes I was always feeling that I don't fit anywhere.

Recognizing and identifying things that people don't. This is the general

meaning of the song.

Who are your biggest musical influences that have helped you shape your career in the music industry?

Metallica, Linkin Park, System of a Down, Bullet for my Valentine, POD,

Placebo, Muse, Korn, Stone Sour are the ones I can think of right now.

What's your favorite lyric line from "Broken Man", why?

"Notifications from the social media friends, loneliness is an epidemic,

conquering this modern world" I love this line. I think it is reflected in our

modern society. Alienation and social media are big topics.

What's next for you through 2019?

Some gigs and festivals are booked and second full album is going be

released in June.


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