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Feel the Simmering Essence of "Scorpio Season," With Dream Soda

Dream Soda is the solo project from Max Farber, a musician hailing from Toronto, Canada. This exciting project takes the elements of psychedelic indie and combines it with a dreamy jangle-pop mix to create the ultimate indie music experience.

With inspirations from Dayglow and Alvvays, to Tame Impala and The Vaccines, Dream Soda provides a sound that blends many genres and has the ability to transport you to anywhere the sun is shining.

In the recent release of “Scorpio Season,” Dream Soda plays upon the use of electronic and organic musical elements that are laced within a composition that radiates warmth. Introducing the constant evolution of instrumentation so welcoming that you can’t help but surrender yourself to it, the use of airy synths, opulent guitar riffs, and a rhythm section that produces the ultimate vibrations, have you basking in all of its glory.

Reigning us in to gracefully collapse amongst the sky-high clouds of wistful charm, we begin to transport ourselves to a place of nostalgia and good intentions. To think that Max Farber was the mastermind behind each winding component heard is remarkable.

The ingenious tactics that fashion a soundscape of this caliber have the overall arrangements being rounded out in a way that has us thriving in the blissful utopia of melodies. As we take a moment to appreciate the smoldering vocal techniques that are displayed, we get looped into a sense of familiarity as we capture a sense of Khalid in the passion that backs up the virtuoso croons.

Dream Soda blends a seamless concoction of heartrending authenticity to back the elaborate sonic tempos that we greatly admire.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Max Farber. Dream Soda produces such a brilliant series of melodies and that’s more apparent than ever in the release of “Scorpio Season.” What inspired you to allow such a sense of optimism into your music?

Thanks so much! I think everything about Dream Soda is, at the end of the day, about living in the moment and being your best self. Optimism just comes naturally with that mindset, so being able to reflect that in my music is something I find very valuable. Hearing music that makes me dance, smile, or just feel good is a win in my books.

In your own words, what does “Scorpio Season,” mean to you? How does it tie into you as an artist and individual?

"Scorpio Season," at its core, is a way for me to kinda get out of my own head. Being a Scorpio, we have a tendency to be overdramatic, and a good amount of the time, we like to think worst-case scenario for every situation. This song is basically me saying that it's okay to think like that sometimes, but you just don't wanna let it consume you. I think lots of people my age (late 20s) feel this sort of unnecessary pressure to have our lives together when in reality, we have SO much time to accomplish what we want to. I think finding that balance as an artist and an individual is crucial to making sure you don't lose sight of who you are.

Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process entailed when you were fashioning this single? Are there any specific inspirations that speak into the essence of “Scorpio Season?"

Absolutely! My creative process is pretty interesting. Sometimes I write songs that have a deep meaning behind them, and sometimes, I'll write songs about absolutely nothing. It's a back and forth, really. With Scorpio Season specifically, this one had a meaning before I really got into putting it all together. The lead melody was something I had in my head for a very long time, but just never found the right pieces to connect it all together. The line I started with was "I'm sick and tired of waking up in my head". That was the sentence I worked around to bring this song to life. Inspirations for this come from bands like Dayglow, where it's just about reflecting on life, and how it can be so mundane sometimes, but also incredibly inspiring. It's a very fine line.

What message are you hoping that your audience takes away from you as an artist?

My goal is to create music that puts a smile on people's faces, takes away any feelings of anxiety or anger, and just allows you to live in the moment and know that there's no point rushing yourself. Good things take time, and the sooner people realize that the happier they'll be. No one gets anywhere great by moving as fast as possible. You gotta just breathe, take your time, live your life how you wanna live it, and you'll be golden.

What's next for you?

I have two more singles set to release in the summer and early fall, with a 7 track EP coming out towards the end of the year! I've been making music for a number of years, and I think this EP is some of the best work I've done yet. Can't wait for you to hear it.



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