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Feel the Vibrations in Gordon's Latest Release, "Things You Do"

What do you call the fusion of contemporary R&B with thoughtful and inspirative lyricism? We believe that the mix goes by Ngige Gordon, known artistically as Gordon.

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Gordon is determined to make an impact within the modern-day R&B music industry. He approaches the goal with tenacity, and the product often results in experiences filled with depth and emotionality.

Gordon's latest release, "Things You Do," was a project with pure intention, an open space for Gordon to express himself fully.

Delving deeper into "Things You Do", the slow and sensual track was put together almost tactfully. That addictive, feel-good environment thrives throughout the track, and the underlying beat is felt in listeners' hearts, creating a memorable experience. The lyricism is just as sensual as the melody, as Gordon focuses on using the descriptive elements of lust and attraction to tell his story. Listeners are thus taken into the intimate world of Gordon, a world that sends listeners into hypnosis with his front-forward way of delivering his emotion.

You will find the production, lyrical and vocal elements of "Things You Do" were arranged with grace, leading to such incredible vibes that are easily felt amongst any keen listener. Find out what all the buzz is about and listen to Gordon's "Things You Do", available on streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Gordon! Your release of "Things You Do" was atmospheric. This song really stood out with its irresistible melody and provoking lyrics. What was the drive behind "Things You Do?"

The drive behind things you do was to make a taste full sexy/late-night vibe type of song. I’m really into 90s r&b I grow up listening to that. I’m a huge fan of Jodeci, Genuine, and D'Angelo, the list goes on. What all these guys were known for was their sexy r&b music . I’ve been really into those types of vibes lately. I feel like every great r&b artist has at least one classic 'sexy' song and I hope things you do can be mine

As an artist who strives to connect and express himself to the fullest extent, do you feel you had done all you could to authentically deliver yourself in "Things You Do?"

Yeah, I do feel like I expressed myself to the fullest extent in things you do. I feel like I’m showing a side to my music that people haven’t really seen before a more sexy side to Gordon. Most of my music prior to this release was all heartbreak songs because at that time in my life I was in my feelings. Now, I really enjoy making late-night sexy vibes I make music that feels the most natural, and right now this just the vibe I’m on.

Do you feel that your music blends into the music scene around you in Toronto, Canada?

I definitely believe my music blends with the r&b scene in Toronto. We have a lot of talent in my city. Some of the best r&b artists come from Toronto, and I feel like Toronto adds our own swagger to r&b music. That’s what makes us different.

Do you believe that your single "Things You Do" will naturally integrate into the music scene around you?

Yeah, I believe the things you do will integrate into the music scene. I believe I make good music that the people who listen to my songs think my music is good. One thing I always tell myself is that good music doesn’t go unrecognized and eventually, some will see and like it. You just have to put it out there for people to see.

Where do you see yourself and your music taking off next?

My main goal this year is to get more exposure. I believe I have a sound that people like, and I believe I have the talent. I just have to get my music out there and find people that would vibe with my type of music. I’m enjoying this journey and I can’t wait to see where my music takes me this year.



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