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Feel The Wave Of Emotion In Aary’n’s Newest Release “Don’t Go”

Coming to us from Sanger, California, the talented singer/songwriter Aary’n. Also known as Aaron Gomez, he strives to put him emotion and heart into everything he creates. His passion for songwriting stemmed from an early age. Growing up as a minority in America he had his set of struggles and now his ambition has driven him to use that struggle and turn it into his passion for music. Aary’n wants his music to simply explain that we are all human. His influences include Trey Songz, Chris Brown and Jodeci, to name a few. Aary’n’s launch into the music industry is off to an incredible start with the newest singe “Don’t Go” and many more exciting things to come.

“Don’t Go” is a smooth R&B love ballad that anyone can relate to. I love the raw and clear emotion in Aary’n’s voice. The powerful message behind this song is that we are human and make mistakes and he needs this girl’s forgiveness and companionship. “I know that I’ve been wrong” is a great lyric because it’s the ownership of the mistake, an important part of an apology. The backbeat of “Don’t Go” is hypnotizing. I love the water droplet sound, it’s details like this that set artists apart from the mainstream sound today. Aary’n’s vocals are seamless and easy to vibe to. It’s evident throughout the track “Don’t Go” that Aary’n is a sensitive artist who wears his heart on his sleeve for the ones he loves. His truth and raw emotion jump through the speakers in this timeless R&B song. I highly recommend you check it out and stay on the lookout for Aary’n’s full EP titled “RESET” set to drop this summer!

Listen to "Don't Go" here and get to know more about Aary’n below!

Can you tell us about your childhood and what really sparked your creativity?

Well I am from a small town “Sanger” about 10 min away from Fresno, Ca. While growing up, my parents had gotten a divorce when I was at the age of 3, since then my mother did all she can in raising me along with my younger siblings. Life was rough growing up seeing most of my family struggle, trying to make all ends meet, make sure bills are paid & food is available for us. Being the oldest of my mothers kids, I’ve lived through the struggles with my mother & by the time I reached the age of 15 I knew that singing & Pursuing a career in music was what was going to help my family out as well as myself. The everyday struggle of living a life like this forever is what sparked my creativity, to try to speak on my life situations so others can relate as well.

How long have you been singing/performing?

I have been singing ever since I was a child, always around the house, in the shower, anywhere and anytime. Singing has always been a passion of mine along with music but wasn’t until the age of 15 when I decided to finally take it more seriously. Since then I’ve released 1 song every year of highschool, then once I gotten accepted into San Francisco State, I have been pushing harder & creating more opportunities since then with other artists in the Bay Area as well as producers.

What is “Don’t Go” about? What inspired it?

Don’t Go, is a song about a relationship between two lovers, who have been through soo much. But specifically the male in this song, who has caused so much pain and hurt to his women & now she is fed up and ready to leave him. Now that he has realized what he has caused, he is begging and fighting to keep her around because without her he is lost. Don’t Go, showcases the emotions and realization that most men have in relationships  once they have realized what they did was wrong. Fighting for what was once there.

What’s your writing process look like?

While working on any music, I like to burn some sage to clear out all the negative energy’s out the room so I can have a clear mind when writing. Once the sage has burned I then open up my windows to let it clear out then burn a in-scent of my liking to get back the right vibes. I always have to be alone when writing & go step by step starting with either the intro/hook then moving into the verse singing out loud to make sure that my range and pitch are hitting the correct notes. But first I always start off with about an hour of singing my favorite rnb songs ranging from oldies to now.

What can we expect from your new EP “RESET”?

My message with this EP is to showcase just a little taste of everything that I am capable of being and doing when creating music. Reset is meaning I am taking a step back to reset my self and my own situations in life whether it be personal or relationships and telling others through each songs specifically what I was going through at that certain time. Love & Hurt will be presented in this EP & it isn’t so much to have everyone feeling sad but to listen to what I’m saying and hoping that most can relate to each situation. Real rnb is back .


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