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Feel The Wave Of Emotion In Adam Ambrose’s Track “Through It All”

Independent pop singer/songwriter Adam Ambrose has been writing music for several years, and releasing music since early 2018. In January 2019 Adam released his debut EP, “Little Green Cabins”, which featured a track called “Relax”. Upon release, “Relax” was picked up by several of Spotify’s “New Music Friday” playlists, including the global one which helped it to receive over 100,000 streams in its first week alone. With so much success already, we can’t get enough of Adam Ambrose.

“Through It All” is a smooth acoustic love ballad that anyone can relate to. I love the raw and clear emotion in Adam’s voice. The powerful message behind this song is that love can persevere “Through It All”. The backbeat of “Don’t Go” is hypnotizing. I love the tambourine, it’s details like this that set artists apart from the mainstream sound today. Adam’s vocals are seamless and easy to vibe to. It’s evident throughout the track “Through It All” that Adam Ambrose is a sensitive artist who wears his heart on his sleeve for the ones he loves. His truth and raw emotion jump through the speakers in this timeless song. I highly recommend you check it out and stay on the lookout for Adam Ambrose’s future full length album!

Listen to “Through It All” here and read more in our exclusive interview below!

Can you tell us about your childhood and what really sparked your creativity?

My childhood was interesting as most of it feels like a blur of false sadness I made for myself. Yes, I guess I did fall into problems with my family when money got hard and I had some mental breakdowns here and there, but music made me realize that life is perspective. My creativity shines when my perspective is positive and clear, but when I focus on the negative and get caught up in it my creativity seems to die. So I work on my perspective of life through music. As most of my songs are just therapy sessions for myself to get something I had been bottling up out.  This could be love, loss, thoughts of suicide and my own personal issues it just depends how I am feeling.

How long have you been singing/performing?

I think I have been singing and writing for 4 years now and performing/promoting for only about 2 years.

What is “Through It All” about? What inspired it?

‘Through It All’ is about the bravery it takes to be with someone forever and the realistic pitfalls that a couple will have to face. This song is saying that love in a relationship is meant to grow and change throughout time. This may mean fighting, shouting, or long nights crying on eachother’s beds. This may also mean waking up to breakfast already made or coming home to see two new kitties your wife decided to get. Love isn't meant to be easy, but it is meant to be worth it. What inspired this song was watching my girlfriend playing and chatting with my sisters.

You create some incredible music. What does your writing process look like?

As I said before my songs kind of just come when something happens in my life. "Through It All" I wrote after I saw how close my girlfriend was getting to my family and I just felt a need to write this song. My writing process is random as it can happen anywhere. I have written songs at work in the bathroom before so I just kind of write when I need to. So when it comes to creating the song sometimes I start with words or I start with music or even sometimes I finish the whole song in 10 minutes. It just depends how I am feeling and how inspired I am at that moment of writing. 

What can we expect from your full album!?

I hope to be finished recording the album by the end of next summer!


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