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Feeling On Top Of The World With Timorris Lane

Timorris Lane is a multilingual international Pop/R&B artist residing in the Big Apple, NYC. Timorris has made great strides so far, from the release of his mixtape, Love is All We Need, and his first international performance in Tokyo on a national Japanese television program, Nodojiman The World (のどじまんTHEワールド), to the release of his EP, Big City Life. “Big City Life” is based on some of his experiences and life-lessons that he has learned while traversing the mean streets. His single “Top Of The World” was released off this imaginable experience. From what I’ve took by listening to this single was that Timmoris Lane is yearning for the number one spot and feeling completely satisfied by everything life has to give. I love music like that because it’s completely enchanting for people like me who regularly dream about things larger in life. It touches base on all you go-getters and dream makers. ANOTHER, lyrical interpretation I took from "Top Of The World" would have to be the companionship between him and a girl he’s completely engrossed too. Wanting to make her feel like she’s on cloud nine and enjoying the contentedness between them both. “Top Of The World” has the groovy danceable flavor, you’re bound to dance along too. It’s absolutely marketable and I can see many people enjoying every element of the record from the fun lyricism to the shoulder bopping beat. Even Timmoris Lane's vocals capture the moment when he reaches full belts while toning it down at the right spot in the song. The timing and execution of “Top Of The World” was absolutely impressive!

Listen to Timorris Lane's new song "Top Of The World" and connect with Timorris on social media through the links below.

Hi Timorris, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

What's up everyone! My name is Timorris Lane. I am a singer/songwriter, originally from Cleveland, OH, but now I live in NYC. I would describe my sound as international Pop/R&B, reaching not only people here in the states but throughout the world.

When writing “Top Of The World” what was the image of inspiration you had in mind?

When writing "Top of the World," I literally envisioned myself walking into a club and seeing a beautiful girl. I wanted to talk to her so the lyrics state exactly what I'd say, 

"Hey girl so fly, lookin so right, gotta make you mine. 

Don't wanna waste your time, I just wanna know, can I make you mine?

Don't mean no harm just can't resist everything you are. 

I want it, I want it and I need it. 

Not just your body, but your mind and your spirit..."

How would you summarize the meaning behind “Top Of The World”?

"Top of The World" is a song that expresses the feeling you get when you're with the love of your life. It's as if you are on top of the world and nothing can stop you!

If you could select any current charting artist to feature on this single who would you choose and why?

I would love to feature a female vocalist. I think that singer/songwriter, Jade Novah, who is also from Cleveland and is making some great waves in the music industry, would be an awesome artist to collaborate with for this song.

Do you plan on releasing any visuals alongside the record?

I have released a music video that is on both VEVO and Youtube for "Top of The World."

What can we expect from you in 2019?

In 2019, you can expect brand new music from me. I plan on releasing a few singles before my full length debut album release. It's going to be an excellent project, and not just an "album" made up of dope singles, but it will be an ALBUM that flows from start to finish. I can't wait!


Connect with Timmoris Lane on social media:


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