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Female Artist Nix Blends Multiple Enduring Sounds Together In Latest Single “Playing With Fire"

We’re introducing a unique and eccentric female artist contributing authentic and inspiring music to the predominant R&B music scene. Nix. Simple the name, but definitely not the sound. Nix provides a sound that is elemental, you can pull apart the different layers within her full sound when listening to her creations. Nix provides a sense of drama to her vocalism, which is definitely what makes her stand out. As a published poet, we’re highly impressed with how well Nix can communicate her raw emotion into a ballad. We also have to comment on the fact that Nix is an incredibly diverse artist in terms the genres she has precluded to within her musical career so far—jazz, early 90’s, classic, pop and R&B. We love artists who can curate sounds that draw heavy influence from other music scenes—some of the best tracks we’ve heard to date can blend together sounds from varying genres you wouldn’t normally expect to be integrated as one. 

What caught our attention right away once listening to the voice of Nix was how aligned her vocalism is with Christina Aguilera, blended with unique elements of her own tempo and melody. “Playing With Fire” is undoubtedly a track that adds authenticity to the R&B music scene. You can fully understand and appreciate the poet in Nix through her music—it is completely within her to express her emotion and truth through her music with the utmost grace. Nix’s vocals in “Playing With Fire” are sultry, releasing the intent and message of desire to seek more than what is currently here. We love the mystery behind the sound, and immerse ourselves in the dramatic feel of Nix’s sound in “Playing With Fire”. Nixcontributes a modernized element to the pop/R&B music scene, and the execution was both impressive and pulsating. 

Experience the sound of Nix in her recent release “Playing With Fire” here —don’t forget to scroll below for Nix’s interview with us at BuzzMusic!

Hey Nix! Welcome to the BuzzMusic community! Tell us more about you and how you developed as an artist!!

Some of my earliest memories are of myself dancing and singing to Britney and Elvis in my living room. They were definitely two key players who inspired me, and still inspire me to make music. I played the piano at a young age and picked up the violin soon after.  I became so involved in school choral and chamber ensembles, it was just apparent that music was ingrained in me. By the end of high school, I knew music was what I wanted to pursue professionally, and I wanted to share with others the same happiness I felt while listening to music and creating music. My taste has always been very eclectic; I have a heavy classical background but I also enjoy pop, blues, jazz, rock. I find every genre, every style, speaks to me. I can find meaning, value, and purpose in each song I listen to. I think that is a huge factor in what has shaped me to be the artistic chameleon I am now. I don't stick to one type of music - whether I'm listening to music or creating it - whatever feels good in the moment is what I like. 

What inspired the meaning behind your most recent release “Playing With Fire”?

Playing With Fire was written when I was three months into a romantic relationship, and I was channeling the thoughts of what could go wrong in a new relationship. I drew from my previous experiences of being lied to, cheated on, etc. and hoped that the risk of starting a new relationship wouldn't follow the same negative cycle. Like, before I get close to you, let me make sure that this is what I want, and what I can handle mentally and emotionally. 

How does the sound you curated in “Playing With Fire” compare to music you made when you first started out?

Playing With Fire is everything I love about the music that's charting today - it's grandiose, it's powerful, the production is insanely incredible and beautiful, and it makes the listener feel something. I am so proud of it. I like to consider my earlier works more organic, more homegrown and raw. They're very pure and I love that about them, but I'm happy to have some incredible music now that people can say "wow... that's a hit." 

If you ever come across creative blocks with creating your sound, how do you typically surpass them?

Creative blocks are killer, but I know when they come I need to just relax, because if I try to push through, it ain't happening! It will make the block worse! So I'll go for a walk, organize something in my house, watch some TV... anything to reset my mind, and clean my slate. 

Are you panning on releasing any new music in the near future?

I sure am! I have a few more songs that I am waiting to release on an EP, which will include Playing With Fire. So stay tuned! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Spotify to hear when it's out! 


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