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Fergus Hambleton Showcases His Rad Versatility in His Timeless Album, “Neighbourhoods”

Nowadays, it takes more than just an amazing voice to be successful in music. Luckily for Fergus Hambleton, he knows exactly what the formula is to make something groundbreaking. Fergus is not only a singer, but a composer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and even more! All the way from Toronto Canada, he’s been a leading member in the folk, pop, and reggae’s field since the 1960s. With each subsequent year, Fergus Hambleton has grown to be a living legend and icon.

We took a listen to Fergus Hambleton album titled “Neighbourhoods” and it’s like we entered some super innovative modern-day time machine that felt warm and delightful. The album begins with “Late September Song”, a song with smooth-sailing vocal delivery and descriptive lyrics of love that sends a passionate feeling to the listener. The folk-like instrumentation creates a warm atmosphere for the track. Transitioning into the next track “Slow Fade Into Black”, Fergus creates contrasting style with “Late September Song”. I was a huge fan of the melody and reggaeton vibe in the production. As a personal fan of reggae, the mood sends me soaring. It's a cool demonstration of Fergus' versatility very early on in the album. The next single off the album is “A Good Place To Be”, and what stands this song apart from the other two so far, is that the hook was so contagiously addictive. It’s a tune you can sing with friends and share a sense of harmony and chemistry with one another. It’s a classic tune with an ageless arrangement.

The next song in the line up is “Lovers Lullaby” and the melody of the acoustic guitar sets the tone for a ballad-esque record. It's perfect as it gives us an even wider range of sounds and emotions to select from when listening to the album. “Walking In A Storm” had more of a rhythmic arrangement. It's groovy lyrics displayed a great sense of imagery, but “Walking In A Storm” isn’t the only song that had a highly energetic and rhythmic delivery. “Life Of My Own” takes you into a radiating and exhilarating journey that brings this sudden urge of pleasure and joyfulness. Fergus Hambleton's versatility as an artist is highly admirable and commendable.

After having some fun, Fergus Hambleton switches the vibe for a more subtle, somber, and dwelling aesthetic. “I Want You Now” is a poetic song that gives you more of an insight into ones emotions and love life. Fergus closes his album off with the single titled “Pretty Peggy O” and sticks to the general vibe of timeless music. The hook felt like a more advanced nursery rhyme that you can hear the youth digesting fully. It’s the type of song you can sing to others and use it as a traditional memory of music. Fergus Hambleton created an album filled with memorable tunes and transitional energetic vibrations. It dips into diverse genres and fused them together to manufacture the most well-rounded album up to date.

Listen to the album “Neighbourhoods” by Fergus Hambleton here


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