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Feverseed Has You Rocking Out to the The Soundscape of Their Electric Feel

Chris Crosby and George Panagakos, both being multi-instrumentalists, have been writing and recording together for years. They’ve explored many musical genres, but the common threads of their memorable and melodic compositions and George Panagakos’ versatile, unique and powerful voice are always present.

With the release of their most recent EP, “Let Yourself Down,” Feverseed offers up a significant incitement that grasps onto a soul-infused universe. Placing the spotlight on their introductory single, and title track, “Let Yourself Down,” the band delivers a remarkable performance of budding personality that capture the highs and lows Feverseed coasts through in the motion of powerful guitar riffs and extravagant rhythm.

The permeating swirl of genres that inspire the musical influence of Feverseed delicately trickle into the larger than life ambiance that the float upon their listeners. You appreciate the raw and gritty fuzzed-up themes that get their own limelight as George Panagakos excels in abstract lyrical soundscapes.

The vocalization he offers up is inimitable and unrivaled as they seamlessly mesh together with the personality that the instrumentation holds. Feverseed has an unpolished poise that you can’t help but love. They are confidently sophisticated without being swayed by gimmicks.

“Let Yourself Down,” is the unruly introduction that sets the tone for Feverseed’s four-song EP. Encompassing their down to earth persona in a colossal way, they know that they don’t have anything to prove to anyone. With their eccentric character smudged all over the musical creations they put forth, the difference is in the details with experimental resonance shining luminously.

We love the tone that you set to commence your three-song project with the title track, “Let Yourself Down.” What does this collection of songs mean to you?

We’re proud to represent the New York rock scene and deliver a debut of powerful music driven by melody and raw emotions; in this case, redemption, lust, love, and longing.

What moment or story inspired the concept of “Let Yourself Down,” as the introductory


George: A few years ago, I experienced a few tragedies within a short period of

time and became lost. I was lucky that my friends and family were always in my corner

waiting for me to come out of it, which eventually I did. The words and core structure

seemed to write themselves, but I knew I couldn’t finish the music without Chris.

Chris: George came to me with a demo of the song that was basically done and asked me if I

could help him come up with an intro. My main instrument is the bass, but I wrote the intro

and the second two lead lines on an electric guitar. I had a similar experience in that the

song seemed to write itself.

How long did it take for you to write and create this body of work? Chris: George and I have been playing together in various bands for years. It wasn’t until more recently that we started to make some serious progress with finishing up old ideas as well as coming up with some new ones.

George: The lyrics and basic idea for Imprint had been floating around for a few years. It

was the last song I wrote for the one that got away. Beat Me had been around for a bit as

well. It took us about six months to bring those songs together and write “Let Yourself

Down”, along with about ten others. We only had the budget to properly record three of

them, so we chose the songs that best represented the scope of Feverseed’s sound and our

potential for the future.

What is the main message that you’re hoping listeners take away from “Let Yourself


No matter how bleak life may seem at times, there’s always a way out of the darkness.

What's next for you?

We’re looking forward to building upon the success of our debut and record our first full-

length album as soon as possible. There’s more to our sound than what you hear in these

three songs, and we can’t wait to share it with everyone.



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