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Fia Nyxx Delivers a Powerful Ballad With, "Still Love You"

The Hollywood glamster, singer-songwriter, and recording artist Fia Nyxx releases a catchy and heartfelt ear-worm with her latest contemporary ballad, "Still Love You."

A true industry veteran, Fia Nyxx has been creating music for many years while catching the attention of various online blogs and magazines that have all praised her for her passionate and engaging music. Having toured across America and Asia, Fia Nyxx also landed the opportunity to collaborate with many knowledgeable and skilled producers to help expand her outreach.

Gearing up to release her forthcoming album, 'Red Umbrella,' Fia Nyxx introduces us to the 2022-slated project with its powerful and emotional lead single, "Still Love You." The single offers a unique 80s flair that emphasizes Fia Nyxx's down-to-earth lyricism, telling a relatable tale of resilience and emotional stamina.

Jumping into "Still Love You," the song takes off with a bright piano melody and an expanding synth arrangement that pulses in the background. As Fia Nyxx joins the party with her beautiful and mesmerizing vocal abilities, she haunts our speakers with tender words surrounding her desire to inform someone of her continuous desire to hold them one last time.

We can't help but bask in the glory of Fia Nyxx's overall performance, as the shaking emotion and passion she holds can easily be heard through the tone of her voice. As the instrumentals expand and develop, they drop into this powerful and heartfelt hook that drenches the listener in unconditional love and desire.

Allow your heart to sing along with Fia Nyxx's latest powerful ballad, "Still Love You," and prepare yourself for her forthcoming album, 'Red Umbrella,' available on all digital streaming platforms in early 2022.

What a powerful and emotion-evoking listening experience you've provided with your latest single, "Still Love You." What compelled you to create such a passionate yet highly emotional piece like this?

All of the songs that I write are based on real experiences or moments that have altered my life in some way. I choose to keep my music authentic, genuine, and honest in an attempt to share a story that I think may be widely relatable. This allows us to help each other heal. “Still Love You” is about surrendering to love and allowing yourself to fall for someone despite the risk of a shattered heart. Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, we hurt the people we love and relationships don’t work out, but this song goes back to the idea that “it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.”

What inspired you to give "Still Love You" an 80s flair through the sonics and instrumentation? Why did you want to deliver this sort of nostalgic sonic atmosphere?

This song took on a life of its own during production. I wrote the first draft of “Still Love You” on the piano and originally it was much more of a classic ballad. As my incredible producer, SamJGarfield, and I began to develop the story during a studio session. We realized it needed a lighter, more playful feel to juxtapose the heavier lyrics. Although heartbreak is crushing, there is still a beautiful, exhilarating part to every love story and we wanted to capture that. We thought that the ethereal sounds of the 80s would quench the thirst for a juicy summer bop, and the string synths and bouncy baselines would really highlight the playfulness and more upbeat side of the story.

Did you face any challenges when writing your highly emotional lyricism for "Still Love You?" Or was this more of a needed therapeutic process?

I wrote this song in the midst of a new relationship when I realized that I was holding back and closing myself off, out of fear. I’ve always been one to wear my heart on my sleeve. But like so many of us, I had been hurt in the past and doubt was creeping in. Writing “Still Love You” was therapeutic for me and a way to process how I was feeling in order to get past it in a healthy way. The moment I sat at my piano to write this song, was the moment that I chose love over fear. I choose love over fear every time now.

How does "Still Love You" prepare us for your album, 'Red Umbrella?’ Does the single capture a similar vibe or concept as the forthcoming album?

“Still Love You” marked the beginning of the journey; the journey that is ‘Red Umbrella.’ Over the last year, I decided to knock down any parameters and all expectations that I had previously had for myself. I no longer was attempting to fit into a specific genre of music or match a certain brand. I simply created art. I took everyday inspiration and paired it with crazy ideas I had had for a long time, but never allowed myself to execute. Before I knew it, I had this eclectic body of work that, although was vastly different from one song to the next, had a beautiful streamline connecting pivotal assets of myself and of my life. ‘Red Umbrella’ is a journey; it’s my journey through life and the discovery of myself. “Still Love You,” is the first chapter of a much bigger story.

What's next for you?

Before the end of 2021, I have 3 more singles and 2 music videos from ‘Red Umbrella’ dropping, as well as several performances throughout the US including my Wicked HalloNyxx Affair in Denver on Halloween night! We have had 4 sold-out shows in Denver, and plan to have the same packed house on Oct 31. ‘Red Umbrella’ is out early next year and will be accompanied by an album release party in Los Angeles.


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