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Find a Connection With Samantha Sharpe's Heartfelt Acoustic Single, "Home"

Coming from Melbourne, Australia, the Pop Artist, and Singer/Songwriter Samantha Sharpe releases the product of pandemic isolation with her latest acoustic single, "Home." After being separated from loved ones for a prolonged period of time, Samantha Sharpe felt the need to capture the emotion that reuniting with loved ones has to savor. While also wanting to note that home may not be a physical place, Samantha Sharpe highlights the importance of close relationships and feeling at home with whom you surround yourself.

Working with Producer Ross Caygill for her single "Home," Samantha Sharpe soaks her passionate lyricism over Ross Caygill's serene arrangement. While keeping the tune highly organic in sound, we can notice subtle synths that lift the background with grace and perfectly compliment the shimmering stylings of Samantha Sharpe herself.

Samantha Sharpe's single "Home" opens as bright as the morning sun with warm acoustic guitar strokes and her soothing vocals. While Samantha Sharpe begins singing of her tedious travels to find the safe and comfortable home-like feeling, she's finally realized that this emotion is easily found through our relationships.

As the instrumentals offer a steady mid-tempo pace, they quickly escalate in sound and texture with delicate drum patterns, a soft background bass, and subtle yet glimmering synths. While Samantha Sharpe continues to sing of the blissful feeling she experiences when reuniting with loved ones, she's truly created a song for anyone to connect with.

Reaching the end of the heartfelt acoustic ballad, "Home," Samantha Sharpe has indeed made us feel more than welcome with this warm embrace of a single.

Could you take us back to the moment you felt compelled to write a song like "Home" that touches on the heavy emotions of separation and reuniting?

Honestly, it wasn't just one moment that brought this song about, but a culmination of a lot of things. With so many months spent in lockdown, separation became a bit of a theme to the past year, and the idea of finally reuniting with the people I love was almost overwhelming. I found myself tearing up watching a Livestream of little penguins returning to their nests, of all things, and somehow that burst of emotion was the start of "Home". Just a whole lot of longing to be reunited, and knowing, with gratitude, that I'm lucky to feel that way. What was your songwriting process like for "Home?" Does writing about such personal and emotional themes come naturally to you? With this song, the chorus came first. It felt strong, and like something that was universal for a lot of us at this time. I think it's easier to draw on personal experience and emotions when writing, even if it can sometimes feel uncomfortable to do so. With some tracks in the past it has felt strange to put them forward with real emotion in them, stemming from very real, very personal places, but with "Home", it just sort of felt like this emotion wasn't personal; it belongs to myself as much as to the listener. What was your sonic creative process like for your single "Home" when collaborating with Producer Ross Caygill? Ross and I work really well together; he played bass guitar on my previous record, Gilded Cage, and I knew I could trust him with this track too. I had brought the song into the studio in a demo state, having written and recorded it at home to get a good baseline down before we started work on it. Having faith in Ross was one thing but having faith in myself was another; this is the first track I've released where the guitar, keys, and percussion were all played by yours truly, as well as the vocals and the general composition. Ross and I worked out the arrangement in terms of what would need to fit where, but mostly it just sort of .. came together. As I said, we work well together! You've mentioned that your single "Home" is your favorite piece yet. Why do you have such a personal and unique connection with this song in particular? This track brings me such a feeling of peace and genuine pride. I utilized skills I picked up during an incredibly hard year, and to come out of it with a song that evokes such a feeling seems almost too good to be true. In the song, there's a moment that I remember writing, a specific chord change to match the lyric, and I remember that as I wrote it, I gasped. It held so much more weight than I had thought it would when I heard it out loud. Now, when I sing that line, I feel myself almost sinking into that feeling, like a hug. That line always makes my mum cry! What can we expect to see next from you throughout 2021? Hopefully more songs that feel like hugs! As things start to return to normal after a year without many live shows, I'm planning some big live shows to accompany more singles and an album down the line. My goal this year is really just to do as much as I can, and truly make an impact. There's no time like the present.



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