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Find A Moment Of Escapism With Purple Grid’s “Hangin’ On” Ft. Ekidna & Anna B.

Purple Grid was born in the early eighties in Italy, homeland to the Italo Disco sounds. All his life Purple Grid has been exposed to a diverse range of musical genres. Everything from synth/pop from the eighties, big beat and nu-metal from the nineties, and alt-rock and electronica from the new millennium. His influences are clear through the pulse-driven synth bass lines and signature stabbing arpeggios. Purple Grid takes synth-wave to the next level, from the light-flooded sunsets on palm beaches of the '80s, right into the deep rhythm of the acid disco nights of the '90s.

“Hangin’ On” Ft. Ekidna and Anna B. is poetic and reflective of the deep thinkers out there. The verses lightly guide you through these questioning thought patterns, the music offering a sense of dreamlike delicacy, leaving room for the listener to really soak up the moment and consider the ideas. The hook features and elegant, yet upbeat, energy and brightness as Purple Grid sings, “Getting there as fast as we can”. The repetition of those words leaves the listener with a sense of optimism and possibility. The contrast of harmonically- rich female vocals add to the overall ambiance. “Hangin’ On” is a mighty release, easily radio-ready and worthy of a few plays!

Check out “Hangin’ On” here and read more with Purple Grid down below!

Hey Purple Grid, welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell us more about how you got started making music and how you create your stage name?

Hi everyone, thank you so much for having me! This story goes back in time... I took up classical music in junior high, but it wasn't until high school that I started my own band. Those were the nineties of the nu-metal and the big electronica beats, and I was completely ensnared by that sound. Then life happened, and I gave up music to explore my other side of creativity: digital art, photography and videomaking.It wasn't until a year ago that I decided to brush the dust off my old skills and try again: as for many thirty-something out there, nostalgia kicked in, and synthwave was an almost obliged choice.I must admit that at first I didn't have so many expectations about this project: even the name I chose is totally a cliché. If you look up "synthwave" on Google images, you'll see that 90% of the pics sport a purple grid on the floor, in the typical "TRON" look and feel...

Is this your first time collaborating with Ekidna and Anna B? What was that experience like?

My friendship with Ekidna goes back a long time, actually. We first met when I directed a music video for his metal band, maybe ten years ago. Then things led to others and we ended up recording a (still unreleased) EP together. When I started my new project, it seemed natural recruiting him on vocal duties, since we already worked together.Anna B. is literally part of my family (she's my niece). She's been singing in a local acoustic trio for a few years and, when a female vocalist was needed for my song, her dreamy voice was the perfect match for the atmosphere we wanted to recreate in "Hangin' On".

Can you tell us more about what you hope to achieve with your new single “Hangin’ On”? What inspired this song?

Beneath its almost synthwave-standard elements (sports cars, palm trees, beaches and sunset), in "Hangin' On" there's more than meets the eye.This song was written as I was confronting a hard time in my life. Summer was coming and I was homeless and broke. Nothing to be happy about, right? But nevertheless I had to keep going and I ended up writing this song.Since things went much better from there, I learnt that songwriting is a medicine to me. I really hope that if someone which is in a bad moment listens to it, they may get even a little fraction of the positive energy and mood that I got while writing it.

Where do you imagine is the best setting in which to experience this music?

Well, the thing I really like about synthwave is its ability to create imaginary landscapes that take up on our childhood memories. So no matter where you are, if you close your eyes while listening to "Hangin' On", you'll end up on a white Lambo, driving up to the beach towards the sunset, with your loved one at your side. Well, try not to close your eyes if you're actually driving, or you'll probably end up elsewhere (hint: not a white Lambo).

What's next for Purple Grid?

Lots of stuff! My second single, "Airfire" is already out on all digital stores. There's also a music video for it, written and directed by yours truly. My third single is due next month, and it will complete the first "Time Travel" concept trilogy of songs. But that's not all: I have much more up my sleeve for the upcoming season, just follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch!


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