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Find Comfort In “Bad Blood” By The Psychedelic Birthday Party

Residing in The Netherlands, Kevyn van der Linden created the project The Psychedelic Birthday Party. Inspired 90s nostalgia, the poetic dark and his night terrors, dutch songwriter Kevyn van der Linden blends his personal notes with hazy soundscapes in a world he calls 'ghostly pop for the lost'. As an artist who doesn’t shy away from emotion or vulnerability, Kevyn sets himself apart in the music industry in a big way.

“Bad Blood” is The Psychedelic Birthday Party’s debut release and we’re hooked. The melancholic intro sets the foundation for a meaningful and hard-hitting track. Kevyn’s dark-pop stylings and hauntingly refreshing vocals demand to be heard by every listener. As the toe-tapping and catchy beat take hold, Kevyn weaves us through his struggles, suffering and escapism. The soft guitar slowly builds to a pummeling drop and we can’t help but sway along to the melodious track. Kevyn remains raw and vulnerable, something that is much needed from artists today. He’s curated a single that many listeners will be able to relate to and find comfort knowing they are not alone. We love when artists put everything out on the table and share their true and authentic self. Kevyn van der Linden expertly takes us on a journey through his trials and tribulations with The Psychedelic Birthday Party and we can’t wait to see what he delivers next.

" I was lost and completely exhausted. The world that I desperately wanted to be with had finally struck me down. My inability to pick myself up haunted me 'till the point where I was consumed by self hatred and shame. I was bad blood. "

Kevyn van der Linden

Check out “Bad Blood” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hi Kevyn, welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by telling us a bit about your upbringing and how you got started in music? 

I grew up in Merselo, a small ghost-town in the south of The Netherlands where I was raised with my two other siblings by our loving parents. Music has been part of our lives since we were young. Our parents were always singing/playing guitar in our tiny living room so it didn't take long before we each picked up an instrument to join the party. But it wasn't until I was introduced to Nirvana by my Rock'n'Roll aunt Xonya Lopez, that I really got into songwriting. I felt a spark from within. Something that made me dream. And it has not left me ever since.

How did you create your project name The Psychedelic Birthday Party?

I've always felt gravitated towards a dark and dreamy world. The bittersweet contrast between something light and dark, holds something that is deeply romantic as it is filled with doom. I'm drawn to it. The Psychedelic Birthday Party comes from that place. It's something cheerful but also something bitter. And because I don't like celebrating my own birthday -something I haven't done in years- I thought it would fit perfectly.

Thank you for sharing “Bad Blood” with us! The track is deeply personal and raw. Why did you decide to share that with the world?

Sharing something with the world that is naked and intimate sure is scary. But it feels like if I don't portray what's really happening inside my heart, whether it's happy or sad, it is not pure and therefor not truthful. The same goes for when I listen to songs of other artists. I want to hear the soul. I want to feel where it hurts. Releasing 'Bad Blood' was also very therapeutic. Like I was literally letting go of a voice that was consuming me for a long time.

What do you hope your listeners take away from it?

I just hope that whoever went or is going through the same shit, will feel safe and understood when they hit that play button.  We don't have to pretend we're doing oké anymore. There's beauty in pain.  Every little thing that's hurting you will eventually heal if you give it a chance to bleed. So let it bleed.

What’s next for The Psychedelic Birthday Party?

New studio sessions are already taking place. I'm spending my time with the recording-duo Jeroen Verstappen and Thijs Fleurkens in their home-studio. Their hospitality and work ethic is amazing. I actually just got back from a couple of days recording with them. I really can't wait to share new material but there's still a lot of work that needs to be done so I have to be patient and focused. For now I'm going to rest a bit, watch the last two episodes of Stranger Things and head back tomorrow to the studio. Oh.. and I should probably enjoy the nice weather in Holland a bit more while it lasts. 


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