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Find Hidden “Treasure” With Samuriium & Bethia Kate

Sam Macdonald, also known as Samuriium, has partnered up with Bethia Kate to create a catchy electropop jam! Samuriium has been producing since 2015 and has learned to expertly master his craft. His style is of electro house, progressive house, and electropop. He can be compaired to artists such as Avicii, Kygo, or Zedd, just to name a few. Samuriium is planning to go full force in the music industry and he’s planning on taking his next step by attending either The Academy of Contemporary Music or Leeds College of Music. We love the dedication! Bethia Kate is a young talented vocalist, only 18 years old. She is new to the music scene and she is looking to make waves.

Samuriium and Bethia Kate got together to create this awesome dance track titled “Treasure” that transports you instantly into summer!Samuriium creates the beat and Bethia provides the stunning vocals. The track is super upbeat and gives off loads of positive energy which we all love! Bethia sings with grace and emotion “I will search every drop of the ocean in terms of devotion to find you”. That’s some real love right there! Overall the vibe is tropical and colourful, it delivers a smooth texture, and fits right on trend with the electropop feel. It is easy to get lost in “Treasure” because of its easygoing and carefree nature. If you’re looking for a track to help you enjoy life and let go, add “Treasure” to your playlist today!

Listen to "Treasure" here and get to know more about Samuriium & Bethia Kate below!

When did each of you realize that music was something that you wanted to pursue?

Sam- I think I realised I had a passion for music after I started playing piano about 7 years ago. I guess my creativity was unleashed after having piano lessons and  teaching myself the software side of things. 

Bethia- I felt like I wanted to peruse music after I won a talent competition in my local I was probably aged 13?..

What was the creative process like for “Treasure”?

Sam- I began writing the lyrics for Treasure about this time last year actually, after already working on a summer dance track. To be honest, I wasn’t that satisfied with the backing track so I made so I decided to scrap it and start all over again. After being in contact with Bethia, we met up for a coffee in January this year, and I showed her this new track I was working on. The lyrics for Treasure fitted much better and so we decided to drop the original track and stick with this new one. For the creative side, I was very much inspired by Kygo - he’s one of my biggest influences. I loved his chord progressions, melody structures and just the vibe of his tracks! The song didn’t take me too long to make - it was around a few weeks until I got the main backbone of the track sorted.

Bethia- Sam had already written the lyrics for this track so it was just experimenting with different beats and tunes. It took a couple of attempts to record because we changed it halfway through, but I’m happy with the result!

What was your vision for this song? Did it turn out how you originally envisioned it to?

Sam- I visioned this song to be a summer anthem - one of those songs you can put on in the car with your mates on a road trip and just have a good time. As I’m still sort of self taught, the song can still has so much more potential, so when I head off to uni in September I may decide to remix it and spice it up. 

How does “Treasure” differentiate from your other releases?

Sam- Production wise and lyrically, I think Treasure was one of my favourite songs I’ve collaborated on. It has more of a laid back, vibrant, summer vibe than some of the songs previously released.

Bethia- I feel like the lyrics in Treasure express emotions from the perspective of someone in a relationship. This differs from “Aloha” which talks about summer, and “Young Wild and Free”, which talks about growing up and not wanting to feel trapped doing the same thing day in day out. 

Can we expect more work from the two of you together in the future?

Sam- I’m glad you’ve asked that as we are currently working on two more songs together; “Young Wild and Free” which is fully done and “Aloha” I’m currently mixing. 

Bethia- I would love to release more music with Sam so hopefully we can create some new tunes in the future!


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