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Find Out What’s On “The Other Side” With Christian Larsmon’s Newly Released Single

Inspired by rock, folk, and country music, South East London’s Christian Larsmon shares his music with the world. As a singer-songwriter, his major influences in that realm, along with composition, are Paolo Nutini, Kings of Leon, and Cat Stevens.

Being part of various musical projects over the past 20 years, his career highlights include support slots for Eric Clapton, Arthur Brown, and The Pretty Things.

2022 has had Christian Larsmon showcasing tracks from his forthcoming EP during live performances, solo and with a band all over the country, including London venues like The Half Moon, The Finsbury, and The Regent.

With his most recent single, “The Other Side,” the freshest offering that listeners worldwide get to take in, we’re fixated on the overpour of heartfelt expressions.

There’s a raw magnetism that Christian Larsmon conveys through his performances as he becomes one with the storytelling aspect of his melodies. Brilliant emotion spills from his moving croons, and each word shed entrenches itself into your cognizance. Harmonious bliss resonates through the detailed lyricism, which has us gravitating toward his captivating dynamism as both a singer and songwriter.

With lyrical motifs drenched in repetition, the words “embrace your surrender” keep coming back to us as they immerse us in the essence of “The Other Side.” Christian Larsmon centers his spellbinding energy in the melodious warbles of the free-flowing lyrics crafted. You can hear his sonic inspirations spill into the artistry, all while he paves a path custom to what he brings to the table.

Through lush acoustic guitar riffs and an anticipation that ramps up with each given moment of “The Other Side,” a song of this caliber is bound to have you deep within your self-reflection in seconds.

Currently in the studio recording his imminent EP “Dark Before The Dawn,” we encourage you to listen to “The Other Side” to prepare yourself for what’s to come.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Christian Larsmon, and congratulations on releasing your latest single, “The Other Side.” Each word you passionately sing paints a picture that we can’t shake. Could you please share the meaning behind this record?

Thank you! I’m glad you like the song's lyrics; every word you sing is meaningful to me. The narrative for The Other Side is me talking to someone going through a rough mental patch and assuring them that it will be Ok on The Other Side. I went through some mental health issues five years ago and sought help, which was the best thing I ever did. I wanted to make the song as relatable as possible to anyone going through a difficult time to encourage them to open up and seek help if they are struggling. I feel this is particularly hard for men, which is why male suicide has high rates in the UK.

Now, if listeners check online, they can find a smooth filmic component to accompany this sonic expression. What can you tell us about the thought process of creating that music video?

It’s a fairly simple concept that myself and Marcus Rexford came up with. The music video was filmed in two locations. My flat is in South East London and Birling Gap; Eastbourne. I wanted to paint a dark, cold and lonely scene for the flat scene. You can see me as a working man dealing with addiction and alcoholism. The scenes at Birling Gap provide a significant contrast. With the white cliffs, the ocean, and the sun shining, I wanted to paint a picture of freedom and hope. The working man you see struggling has now stepped into who he was always meant to become.

When it comes to the live performances that you’ve been teasing your forthcoming tracks at, how has the reception of these records been? What’s your favorite part about the performance experience?

It’s been very well received - especially when I go for the big high notes! Mostly, I’ve played fully acoustic and twice with a bassist playing alongside me to thicken the sound. I will be playing a show with a full live band at The Half Moon in Putney on 9th January, which I'm excited about as I get to translate my vision for the song in the studio of the song into real life.

A lyric stood out to us the most: "embrace your surrender.” What do these words mean to you, and what would you like your audience to take away from them?

I want the audience to reflect that sometimes, you have to give up trying to solve your problems on your own and ask for help. If you let go of the need to control everything, it could be the best thing you ever do for yourself.

What can we expect to see and hear next from you?

My next single! ‘Do I Let You In?’ It will be out at the end of February 2023. I plan to release another music video for that as well. I may also release some acoustic covers and would love to know if your audience has any that they’d like me to do :) if they have a request, follow me on Instagram @christianlarsmonmusic and send me a DM.


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