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Find Your "New Horizon" with Meghan Pulles' Purifying Single

A singer-songwriter based in New York, Meghan Pulles shares her organic creativity in the form of her recently released single titled "New Horizon." Her ability to showcase a healing and favorable context shine light on mindful affirmation and the power of constructive awareness of your surroundings.

An upbeat, uplifting song with elegant instrumental, Meghan delivers a unique perspective of serene atmosphere and artistic understanding. The unmistakable message conveyed gives listeners a heart-warming, gracious idea of seeing life through a glowing and appreciative lens. Opening with tranquil vocals, then emerging into a soothing and enriching sound, listeners can feel an immediate breath of life in this song. An incredible blend of instruments prevails as a feel-good tune that lights a fire in the soul. The combination of percussion, piano, and bass flow freely as a high-spirited culmination of sonic art. As the song continues in blissful vocalization and clever, talented lyricism, Meghan's talent for creating an enjoyable and wondrous sound is wholesomely highlighted. The addition of a harmonica is welcomed with open arms, and audiences can simply put feel complete with this fantastic piece as it presses on.

With a pleasantly distinctive indie-folk sound and an overflow of musical talent, Meghan Pulles undoubtedly impresses all who listen. A cathartic individual with a knack for putting together harmonious hits, be sure to follow along with Meghan's artistic journey as she continues to free the minds of all who are privileged to hear her work.

Congratulations on the release of your song "New Horizon." We can't wait to hear more of your talent but first, we'd like to ask a few questions. How did you come to begin creating music?

Thank you soo much!!! I am soo excited about it as I feel like it's such an escalation with my music, my voice, and my journey as a singer-songwriter. I wrote my first song when I was 17 years old, and since then I have been processing my own emotions through music, soo for about 15 years I have been doing this music therapy for myself, but only since 2019 have I decided to make a career of it. I have always been singing since the age of 5, and I was studying opera for a while but I realized writing and creating music was what I was meant to do in this life years later. It is the most fulfilling thing I could ever do. What sort of inspirations have you drawn from in the past that has helped bring this project together?

SOOO many inspirations and events inspired this song I think. My collaborator Craig and I wrote this in a night over zoom while he is in Australia, we initially decided to write this song about someone passing away, and what they left behind which was definitely very real as I thought about the 500,000 people who died in the pandemic within the past year. I believe that lyrically Craig and I brought our own experiences and emotions of this pandemic into this song which has now turned into a journey of finding hope in the dark dark places of our lives and trying to find those sunshine moments through it. Do you have any future collaborations in progress or being planned that you'd like to speak on?

I have been collaborating with a lot of different people and it's been amazing, and it's made me a better writer. There is something so special about two humans coming together with shared experiences and writing an original song with them. I have some other collabs coming up but still working on the timelines for those :) If you had one message through your music that you'd like fans to feel or hear, what would that be?

I want my fans to feel comforted, and not to feel alone in their dark spaces whether that be anxiety, depression, or grief. I hope they listen to my music and feel seen, heard, and loved. This past year has been a LOT for all of us so if some days you feel down, it's okay. See those dark emotions and let them pass through you, you are NEVER alone, reach out, there is always something there for you with those shared experiences to make you feel better about it. What's next for you?

I am actually going to be working on my debut album which I am really excited about! Coming in 2022 hopefully!


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