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Find Your Way in the Dark Streets with Chasen Day’s “Old Times"

Chasen Day is a modern-day Hip-Hop artist who uses organic sources as part of the creation of his musical soundscape.

Keeping it real with everything that Chasen Day is all about and it is evidently true in his latest collaboration release “Old Times” featuring the Carson based artist Trent.

Opening up with a somber piano chord progression and a phone ringing, “Old Times” tells us about a story where Chasen Day remorses and remembers the good old days when everything felt alright.

While listening to “Old Times” we felt as if we were alone on the streets at night, with neon purple signs lighting up the street and feeling lost where to go. Chasen Day then appears from the shadows and guides us to safety, then after joining up with Trent we felt like we were at home again.

“Old Times” features a chill ever so popular lo-fi hip-hop drum beat, a soft piano that mellows our hearts out, organic percussion that brings in flairs of fun and excitement to the groove, and of course the honestly laid back rap performances from Chasen Day and Trent that tie in all of the musical ideas together.

We are loving everything about this release and can’t wait to hear what is coming next from this modern artist.

You can listen to “Old Times” here.

Your latest release “Old Times" reminds us of the good old times, is there a specific story that you wanted to tell through song to create this one? How did you come up with the idea?

Appreciation. The Idea of the song came from feeling as though time was passing me, not taking advantage of times, and not letting go of old ones. With the things going on in the world today, the pandemic and not being able to leave the house. It felt safe to say or convey that our good times were now old times. 

Both you and Trend bring your own unique flairs to the table in this one, how do you feel working with Trent on this one helped evolved the song to the level it is at now? How did the two of you meet?

Working with Trent was sonically amazing, Let alone easy. I was excited to have my first feature and he came in & killed it. I met Trent in high school before either of us was doing music. To bring our chemistry and vibe and be able to put it on a track was an experience.

“Old Times” has that 90’s vibe to it that we can’t get enough of, what was the production process like for creating the beat and groove? How did you come up with the parts?

I did not make the beat. I actually purchased it from a producer.

Now that this release is out, what types of goals do you have for you yourself and your music in future releases? How do you plan on achieving them?

My goals are to deliver an EP by the end of the year along with more visuals. As far as for myself, Persistency (3x).



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