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Finding Positivity Through Adversity in the New Single “Thankful” by G-Swift

Fighting through unforeseen conflicts and problems, G-Swift has always had the drive and motivation to break through it all his struggles. Using music as his vessel, G-Swift creates inspirational hip-hop songs, reflecting his struggles and triumph with being an immigrant.  With the release of his new project, 'Trials and Tribulations', G-Swift takes the opportunity to express himself over tons of hard-hitting and inspirational instrumentals.  Within this project comes his new single “Thankful”. “Thankful” displays the inspirational side of G-Swift, but also combines hard-hitting flow and lyrics.

The song begins with an ominous atmosphere, making listeners what kind of song we are going to get.  Quickly, more and more instruments add, and “Thankful” starts to form into an inspirational sound.  What I like about this sound, in particular, is how the guitar makes you feel comfortable with the sound, however, the drums hit hard, still keeping true to a hip-hop sound.  As G-Swift enters “Thankful”, his presence is definitely not unheard.  He comes in very hard, with complete control over himself.  He continues, G-Swift speaks about how he has overcome many struggles of being an immigrant, continuing to add inspiration thoughts to his listeners. “Thankful”, truly has the capabilities to motivate its listeners, however, G-Swift still has the ability to keep it hard-hitting, captivating his listeners.

Hey G-Swift! Welcome to BuzzMusic. Congratulations on your new song “Thankful”. Before coming to the states, what was the main resource of getting hip-hop music, or music that inspires you? Is there a big hip-hop community where you come from?

Thanks for having me! Well, the main resource of getting hip hop music was through bootleg cassettes, yes back in the day of cassette tapes lol,  my big brother would somehow get the hottest albums and mixtapes out. I remember we had jay z’s hard-knock life and then my dad got a cable box and I would watch shows like yo MTV raps, 106&park e.t.c...Watching all the greats coming up and finding out I have writing and rapping skills I can develop I wanted to be able to do it and compete at the highest level it can be done at

Since living in Los Angles, where is a place that you've become very fond of, that has expanded your music knowledge and has inspired you?

The studio and the stage. Because I’m also a theatre trained actor and that’s how I got to the United States. To go to the theatre school. I’ve done a lot of theatre work and short films. That is where I truly began to break out of my shell as a performer.

With the release of Trials and Tribulations, there are a lot of hip-hop/rap projects on it. Do you think that you will expand your sound as you continue to grow, and venture into others?

Definitely. On “Trials and tribulations” I’m talking more about my journey, my development that is still ongoing and will forever be ongoing because I believe there’s no limit to growth and basically making a statement that I really do this and I’m in it for the long run. So will definitely be experimenting with all kinds of different sounds and continuously growing as an artist. 


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