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Finland Rock Band Aeon Antenna Release New Groovy Hit

Aeon Antenna released their single titled “RoboCock”. “RoboCock” begins with a suave electric guitars which makes for a groovy introduction. The song shows much musical progression when it transitions into a catchy, eerie and outlandish vibe. I like how “RoboCock” exhibits true electrifying rock, that mainstream rock music has while delivering a witty feel. Something neat, I played this song on my home speaker, the company I had over came in the living room and instantly began dancing alongside the hit. This was an indication to me that Aeon Antenna has this unique ability to garner a party together and capture the attention of the crowds. I didn’t look at “RoboCock” as a party hit, more so a song we can rock out too in our cars, however I quickly realized it’s the companionship that "RoboCock" brings. Imagine listening to this with your friends, without any care in the world, on a freeway drive. Just jamming out together and enjoying the moment. “RoboCock” has that special stimulating and exhilarating effect on others!

Check out our interview with the band and be sure to listen to Aeon Antenna's new song "RoboCock".

Hey guys, care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Moi, that’s how we say hello in Finland! We’re four slightly odd gentlemen that have been making experimental rock with funky breaks and proggy melodic twists for about 10 years now. We recently took 3 years off but we’re back again and ready to make all new music in 2019 and beyond.

How was the creation process for “RoboCock” ?

The music began as an interplay between our deliriously happy guitarist Henri and our ever-chilled bassist Patrik who had come bearing riffs that day. At the time our singer Steve wasn’t yet in the band so the music grew whilst he larked about obliviously elsewhere. Steve in his (lack of) wisdom had written the lyrics to “RoboCock” then titled “Vegbot” months before joining the band and left them to their fate on a scrappy piece of paper somewhere amongst a tide of random stuff. Shortly after arriving in the band Henri sent a demo of “Jimi’s Magic Cock” to Steve, he replied jokingly ‘I have a stupid story about a one armed robot and his cat’. Henri thought it was a perfect fit and we never looked back.

How would you describe your musical style?

We once invented our own genre named “purple rock pickle” because we’ve had a tough time identifying ourselves amongst known styles. We have a lot of small elements from many familiar genres, musical artists and influences from other media entirely. Despite this the sound revolves around a four piece hard rock style with melodic bass and the experimental side is usually found in small moments where we veer in a new direction and seek a surprise. There’s psychedelic moments, metal riffing, funky breakaways, jazzy doodles and we feel that you’ll at least hear hints of Jethro Tull, Tool, Kingston Wall (great Finnish rock), Iron Maiden and Rush in our music.

What’s the most addicting part about creating music!?

We often discuss what we want from the band apart from pipe dreams of million-dollar homes and the ideas are pretty simple. First and foremost the addiction to making music for us is the satisfaction of creating something that we truly enjoy ourselves. This band has been through a lot of ups and downs but it keeps on bouncing back because it is full of our personalities and might just be indestructible because we love it, each other and the songs too much.

What type of vibe do you personally feel “RoboCock” gives?

“RoboCock” gives a playful vibe that hopefully carries the listener away until the inevitable moment dawns when they ponder what on earth the lyrics are about. That is the moment when an Aeon Antennafan is either born or lost. The song could be viewed as a test of one’s courage, dare you play this to your friends?

Have you performed live yet? If so, any pre-stage traditions that help you prepare for the crowd?

We’ve been playing live since the earliest days of the band. We haven’t brought our big supply of energy to anywhere  outside of Finland yet so we’re looking for opportunities to do that. Before a show we almost always have a little meeting where we ask each other how we’re feeling and boost each other’s egos with wildly exaggerated compliments and closer hugs than we should admit.


Connect with Aeon Antenna on social media:

Twitter: @aeonantenna

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