Five Arrows Liberates His Emotions In New Single, “Only You”

American music producer and DJ Five Arrows is storming the music scene with his latest single “Only You." Blending electronic music with rock elements gives his music a very diverse and intriguing twist. Formerly a lead guitarist for a successful touring heavy metal band, he continues to be inspired by blending satisfying guitar melodies, followed by in-your-face drops.

Five Arrows releases his latest EDM/Dance single, "Only You." The song begins with a touching voicemail of a woman's voice saying that she's "calling to hear the sound of his voice." He begins singing about how he struggles to be vulnerable, to let his guard down and he's tried countless times to be honest with her.

His passion and desire for a romantic relationship with her grow tremendously every day, a love so deep she pulls him out of the dark. "Only You" is an anthem for lovers who'd like to rekindle the spark between them and rejuvenate their souls. Five Arrow's is an expert at weaving a musical story together, and his inner turmoil is artistically expressed through growing EDM climaxes and entrancing beats.

"Only You" is the record to spin if you need a vibe-lifter or an energetic boost for your mood.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Five Arrows! "Only You" is such an astounding song. How did it come about, and how was the process creating it?

Thank you so much! My single "Only You" came about late one night when I was in my studio thinking of song ideas. I have always wanted to have passionate vocals/lyrics to all of the music I produce. Coming from a heavy metal band/background, I have always wanted to incorporate a more rock/EDM sound into my music. My process of making music is simple: Start with a chord progression/guitar riff and build the song from there.

We sense that "Only You" is a record you seem to connect to personally. What would you like your listeners to take from the record?

Absolutely. I try and make music that I feel something from in hopes that others will too. I like to make more emotional/melodic music. "Only You" is about that one person/relationship in your life that you can't seem to forget.

You seem to use instruments quite well, and you have loads of experience in that field. What would you say is your favorite instrument to record with, and what got you into playing it?

Thank you! My favorite instrument for recording is the guitar. I use it just about in all of my songs. Since I was a young teenager, I have been playing bands like Blink 182, The Used, and Senses Fail, which all inspired me in my beginning years of learning to play the guitar.

"Only You" has a strong message. What do you want listeners to take away from this?

I'd like my listeners to take away that it is okay to be vulnerable and open up to people. I feel like we have gotten so far removed from being authentic in the digital age. Always have hope for a brighter tomorrow.

What's next for you?

I plan to keep releasing a lot of music throughout the rest of the year. I have quite a few collab's in the works with amazing artists as well. Now that things are pretty much open everywhere from the pandemic, maybe even start playing some live DJ sets!