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"Five" By Scorpio Szn Is An Anthem For Self-Love

What do you get when you put two Scorpios together? Well, a great Indie-Pop band named Scorpio Szn, of course.

Armando Orona and Zandi Ashley are the names of the two members of this indie-pop duo. Combining their talents, the two artists have created a fun, honest and fresh sound that they hope to grow past the borders of their home, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Their debut single, "Five," off of their EP ‘It’s Weird,’ is an anthem for self-love that we can all get behind. Utilizing a simple guitar riff and bouncing drums throughout the song, the emphasis is put on the lyrical and vocal abilities of Zandi Ashley.

As she sings her lyrics of self-empowerment, we are reminded that we complete ourselves and others are not a necessity. Rather, others can be a gift or a curse. In the case of this song, the person Zandi is singing about is most definitely the latter. The singer coos, “I’ve got 1,2,3,4,5 other thing than you on my mind,” after learning that losing her significant other was a blessing.

Love, just like life, is a journey and moments that we fear can turn out to be pivotal moments that change us for the better or worse. The meeting of Armando and Zandi has turned out to be one such moment, not only in their lives but in the Indie-Pop genre of music. Scorpio Szn is bringing their unique sound to the music industry, and they are hoping to make a big impact.

Read our interview with Scorpio Szn as they discuss "Five" with us.




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