Flaming Dingos Debut New Music Video For "Everybody Fornicates"

Flaming Dingos is a band from the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Rising from the future funk scene, their genre ranges from a blend of synthwave, electronic dance, funk and psychedelic rock. They released a brand new music video for their single titled “Everybody Fornicates” .

In the video of the song, the lead vocalist of the band (Royce Nowacki) is relaxing in his car before an alien type of figure appears, giving him a track to listen too. He plays the track in his car and then becomes absorbed and kidnapped into the song itself (Sort of like what the song does to us while listening) that’s when the band begins to perform their new hit single. The charismatic presentation in the video was just a display of their way to deliver a song. The electronic groove however was the perfect danceable tune to listen while I knock away all my day to day stress and worries. A song about letting go any self-judgment (From what I perceived) it’s an escape mechanism, Flaming Dingos delivered in a multicolored tune.

Listen to "Everybody Fornicates” here.

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