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Fleu Delivers a Strong Message In New Single "Trying"

February 23 | BuzzMusic

Formally from Tuckahoe, New York, but now residing in Lakeland, Florida comes an ecstatic artist known as Fleu. At the age of six, his grandparents raised him in New York, where he was given his first instrument, a saxophone. This saxophone was key for him to begin his exploration into music. Fleu and his saxophone played in many bands before going to college. While attending, he started putting out covers of his favorite saxophone songs onto SoundCloud.  As his friends encouraged him to take it more seriously, Fleu started to create better covers and his own songs. Eventually, Fleu came out with his first single “Change” in 2019. Now, almost a year later, Fleu just released a new single called “Trying”.

A great deal of emotion can be felt in "Trying". The beginning of the song sets a somber tone with dreamy piano and empty spaces. There is a clock-like sound that provides a foundation to add nostalgia to instrumentals. Dissonant voices can be heard before a big kick drum sound and percussion. We like the way the drums are always present without overpowering Fleu’s voice. Fleu’s rich, warm tone really stands out with the instrumental constructed around it. In "Trying", Fleu talks about how his work and all his effort make him tired, and he might not be himself 100% of the time. Being a part of the youth, we feel like a lot of people around me go through this, and this song is a good reminder to just check up on other people and let them know that you are still trying.

Listen to "Trying" here.

Hey Fleu! Welcome to BuzzMusic, we are very proud to be representing your latest track “Trying.”  Being your second single, I feel as if this song really showcased your ability to write and connect with fans, and to really understand what’s going on with youth today.  Is there a major problem that you see in youth society today that you would like to try to incorporate your next single with?

Definitely. A lot of people today just talk about sex money and success. But no one wants to talk about anything real. A lot of people suffer from depression, anxiety, and other things. Bringing light to some of these pressing issues in my music could be a way to connect more with fans.    

Growing up with your grandparents must have been, not necessarily a happy/sad time, but a good and advantageous time of your life (bless your grandparents for being there for you). As a kid, did you notice that your grandparents would live life a little differently than other people? Have you picked up on some unusual/uncommon habits from your grandparents that people today would deem to be “weird or old”?

Living in my grandparent's house from a very young age was a blessing. One thing that we did that some would say is different from others is that we always sat down to eat breakfast and dinner together as a family. I took it for granted back then but now I would love to go back and relive some of those family times and time spent together over again. Going into high school my grandma taught me the women I'm interested in I should court and show chivalry before dating. I've taken this courting style into all my relationships and even into my current one and it has never failed me. Doing the basics, opening doors and pulling out the chair for the girl makes a world of and just sets you apart from everyone else.

This song has a very R&B feel to it, with some soul elements to it. Coming from New York, you must have been exposed to not just R&B but many different genres. Is there any kind of genre that is sort of “out there” that you would like to venture in?

I really have been exposed to a large variety of genres. One style that I found pretty interesting is called grunge. I think the duo THEY do it best but its a style I definitely see myself getting into in the future. College is always such a transitional period for people; whether that be transitioning into the college lifestyle or realizing you're meant to do something else.

Is there ever a part of you that tells you to leave college and to pursue music fulltime? Or do you like the balance of professional education and music?

This is probably a struggle I deal with every day. Some days I think I could really get my music up and going without being in school and just grind and become successful like so many other artists. Some days I say having an education would just make me more credible but then I question that and wonder does that really even matter in the music business because if your music is liked by fans then your education really is not a major focus. But all in all, having the college experience and this in-between stage of my life is great for developing my music because I am building relationships and life long friendships and it has been great. 

What can we expect to see next from Fleu?

This year I'm expecting big things for myself. I'm just getting started and I'm excited to see what the future holds. There are a few more songs in the works for sure and I can't wait to share them. God has given me the talent to do this and I just want to thank him and honor him in everything I do.


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