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Flipfone Lets His Persona Do All The Talking in "Outlaw"

If the early 2000's Hip-hop had a Tik Tok, we would arrive at the sound of Flipfone. Leaving his origin and upbringing a mystery, one thing we do know for sure is that underneath the bucket hat, big glasses, and grill, there's a brand new artist with a unique approach demanding your attention.

Capturing our attention in the immaculately radiant vocalization disbursed through “Outlaw,” Flipfone has most definitely received our attention as he drips his panache throughout the heavily weighted bars simmering in this track.

Containing a substantial hunger in the tonal distinction he puts forth, there is also a magnetic nonchalance that oozes from the unapologetic persona Flipfone parades. Immediately pulling us into the mesmerizing hook that has us effortlessly singing along to the cadences explored, the slick wit that is readily available from Flipfone is uncanny. “Outlaw,” carries a minimalistic approach in order to enhance that emcee-like verses that Flipfone dips into. By doing so, essentially allows both the pulsating instrumentation and his boisterous tone to take the limelight simultaneously.

Notorious for making infectious grooves that have people’s heads turning, it is no wonder that Flipfone unceasingly garners attention from a following worldwide on a regular basis. With his debut singles being available now on all platforms and has already received support from Lil Xan, Flipfone shows that he will blow the ceilings off of wherever he is being boxed in, in order to achieve his sky's the limit goal set.


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