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Floated Takes Us Through His Cathartic Practice in a New Single/Video, "Wild"

New York-based producer and singer-songwriter Floated encourages us to live unapologetically in a new single and accompanying music video entitled "Wild."

Floated is the solo project of David Maine, a classically trained pianist and multi-instrumentalist who strives to capture snapshots of his life through music and visuals. Through sonic inspirations like vaporwave, escape room, grimy electronic, and lush r&b, Floated is able to carve his unique sonic path while remaining authentic and original.

Now releasing his dreamy single and accompanying music video for "Wild," Floated takes listeners through a lush sonic venture while reminding them to express themselves freely and openly. Directed by Adam Kolodny, the music video for "Wild" perfectly demonstrates the events of losing oneself into a cathartic practice like music creation.

Listening to "Wild," the song opens with a beautiful piano arrangement that slowly leads towards the song's entire sonic arrangement. As the beat drops into this dreamy and hazy r&b/electronic soundscape, Floated begins to serenade us with lyrics that enhance his devotion towards creative expression. While grooving alongside the transcendent sonic atmosphere, Floated and his tender vocals leave us in awe of his warm delivery and passionate performance.

Peaking at the music video for "Wild," the scene opens with Floated around a brightly lit piano while fluidly transitioning into the darker scenes ahead. As the video takes us into an empty neon-lit nightclub, Floated begins his passionate performance while making eye contact with his female counterpart, the only other soul in the venue. As the video comes to an end, Floated leaves us feeling refreshed and ready to spend our nights with cathartic and meaningful practices that keep our souls alive and well.

Sink into the sonic depths of Floated's latest single, "Wild," available on all streaming platforms. Find the song's accompanying music video on YouTube.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic David Maine, aka, Floated. We love the encouraging and carefree feel of your single, "Wild." What inspired you to write a song based on living unapologetically and expressing yourself freely/openly?

I was going through one of those major course correction moments in life. I had over the span of just a month or two parted ways with basically everything I had been up to for the previous several years. I wasn’t in a particularly healthy headspace. I was burnt out, jaded, and truly lost in my path. I remember just being forced to accept that I, really for the first time, didn’t know where I wanted my life to go….and that was a very uncomfortable feeling. I just had to feel the loss and confusion. I was noticing a distinct shift in myself when I would be out meeting people and chatting. They’d ask me simple small talk questions like “what’s up? How was your day?” And I’d just give them really honest answers that strangers weren’t expecting. I was like…”Nice to meet you, my name is David. I’m feeling absolutely insane, I just quit my entire life, and currently am living in a gaping hole of nothingness. This would be a weird time to get to know me. How’s your day?” Some people thought it was interesting, some people were like wtf kind of answer is that bye. The nice thing was is I really didn’t care, I knew I just needed to live these emotions and if people were put off by my darkness then we didn’t much of a future together anyways.

Why did you want to capture this hazy and dreamy sonic atmosphere for the production/instrumentation in "Wild?" How do the sonics enhance your lyrical theme?

A lot of my songs are capturing a moment of my life. “Wild” is remembering a late night in NYC, just being out listening to music and being lost in my head. The downtempo pace of the song reflects the feeling of heaviness and isolation that I was feeling. The murky synths represented the fog machines and the lighting of the different spaces I had been in.

Regarding your music video for "Wild," what was it like working with director Adam Kolodny? How did he help execute the vision and ideas you had in mind?

Adam is an incredible artist. This is only the 2nd music video I’ve ever made for my solo project so when I approached him it was with the hope that he would take the lead and help me figure out what I was trying to make. I showed him some references and told him that really I only had a vision for it being a Smokey, murky, slightly slow-motion video with lots of interesting lighting. He was like cool let's make it look amazing. Kinda last minute I shared my idea for the piano intro. Even though my music is highly electronic I want to represent myself as a piano player because I’ve been playing the piano my entire life. Adam loved the idea and it turned out to be everyone’s favorite part of the video. So yea, Adam was able to take my next-to-nothing concept and turn it into a beautiful visual representation of the song. It was actually after we finished the video that I realized just how well it represented the song. It's literally a video of being lost in the lighting and music of a club…maybe the club was full but I was only there listening to my own thoughts and seeing no one else?

Who was your female counterpart in the music video for "Wild"? What role did she play in the video's entire concept?

To be honest there wasn’t really any thought behind Michelle being in the video except that she sang on the song and I wanted her to continue her involvement by being in the video. I love collaborating with my friends, it’s one of my favorite parts of making music. So I thought the video would be more fun with her involved. Plus, it kinda sucks seeing your own face on camera. Her face is much nicer to look at thank mine ya know?


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