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FloNerd Drops A Groovy New Tune “From A Place”

FloNerd is a rapper, songwriter and performer from Nigeria, West Africa. His debut EP, Overthrow was released on September 14 in 2016 and has a blend of various different music. His most recent release titled “From A Place” has this dope Reggaeton vibe alongside elements of danceable pop that creates the perfect party hit for this upcoming summer! His unique accent adds a stylistic makeup to his flow and delivery while his lyrics are catchy and appealing.

The stratospheric and upbeat bop begins with a funky electronic introduction before the beat breaks into a playful and eclectic dance tune. The entire atmosphere of “From A Place” is just highly absorbable with contagious energy.

It invigorates its listeners and all you want to do is play the song anywhere and everywhere and begin to dance! Although it could be difficult to lyrically interpret the record, “From a Place” isn’t a song that focuses on the lyrical content. I’m a firm believer that there’s a song for everything and all type of moods. So despite insufficient deep poetic lyricism, FloNerd’s “From A Place” finds its niche through an everlasting plethora of music that increases the chemistry between you and everyone surrounding you.

Listen to “From A Place” here and get to know FloNerd in our exclusive interview below!

FloNerd can you tell us about your debut album “Overthrow” ! what are some of your favorite songs off that project and why?

The Overthrow EP was recorded and released in 2016. Its actually hard to pick a favorite off it but if I must, I’d say its ‘Pay for it’ cos its a really personal one and holds a lot of memories for me. At some point I wanted to take it off the tape and listen to it at home, alone. I got a couple other favorites on it, On My Grind (feat TenTik), Food for thought, Come so far. LOL

Tell us about your single “From A Place” and what inspired you to write this?

I come from a place where there’s a whole lot of bad stuff happening and the leaders seem to not care about the masses . I looked around and there was nobody speaking on it. It's all songs about women and material stuff out there. Kinda makes you feel everyone is happy and stuff but deep down we not. I knew I had to speak on it so I hit up Oga Marshall, told him about the ideas that I had, got in the studio and we recorded ‘From A Place’.

What’s your personal favorite part about “From A Place’ ?

My personal favorite part about ‘From A Place’ is Oga Marshall’s verse. Blows my mind every time I listen to it.

Did you produce this record as well? If not who produced it?

No I didn’t produce this record. I visited a friend’s studio, he played me a few records and beats. When this particular beat came on, I loved it and asked if I could use it. Had it for couple months before I finally decided to jump on it.

What’s next for you!?

Right now, I’m focusing on promoting the single ‘From A Place’ but back in the studio, I’m working on a tape that I don’t have a release date for yet and same time, working and deciding on a follow up single. Its all work out here and we taking it one step at time.


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