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Flowerless Projects the Voices in His Head

Flowerless is a storyteller, with sharp double entendres, catchy flows, and expressive vocals. His sound aims to be lush and experimental while maintaining a tight punch. He’s written music with Paul Marc Rousseau of Silverstein and Brendon Padjasek of Northlane, both hugely influential on the young artist's development.

Now 26, Flowerless is attempting to carve a path for himself in the music industry, writing and producing with the bustling community around Toronto. Making a move to elevate his creative flair in the next dimension, Flowerless presents his listeners with a two-part single entitled, “Tuesday,” and “& Sorry.”

Lush guitar chords shape the reverberated hues in this chamber of elusive tenors that is solidified as “Tuesday.” Filling your speakers with utter anticipation, the narrative wraps around the progression of a phone call that was never made.

Flowerless can be heard addressing his consciousness as his soothing timbres warm our souls and prepare us for the acceleration of anticipation, only to be brought down a peg by an unfulfilled moment that rattled his psyche. With both songs playing upon the themes of confidence, anxiety, loneliness, and paranoia, the latter “& Sorry,” conjures up an imaginative argument that perhaps would have taken place if the phone call was answered and didn’t go to voicemail in “Tuesday.”

Completing the essence of the previously heard “Tuesday,” we transition into the conveyance of a vocalization filled with despair through textured distortion seeping into the sound waves. With the production being tackled by Kyle Marchant, the contrast between the music casts out a unique fusion of instrumentations that delicately layers within one another.

Both songs meshing into one colossal expedition of pondering emotion showcases the lyrical depth that Flowerless compelling lures us in with. Saturating his prevailing croons with a heartfelt grip on reality, the games in his head are something that many of us endure in the highs and lows of various relationships. Coming to the final moments in the striking execution of this two-for-one extravaganza, the insincerity of the apology intended comes to light with hidden motives and Flowerless is here to sit in the chaos of thoughts created by it.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic, Flowerless. The concept behind the extended storyline being unraveled as one is genius! What inspired you to lace these emotions together versus exploring two separate musical routes?

These songs were initially one logic file on my Mac. I had written both passages within a week of each other and opted to import all the files from one session into the other. After writing “& Sorry,” which ended up putting a bow on the thoughts I was trying to get out while making Tuesday, I was like “okay this is the track.” It was only when I really thought about streaming and genre differences, that I decided for the masses this can be two songs, but for me, this pair of tracks is just “Tuesday”. I’ve always really liked creating short stories in albums that connect. Other projects or bands I’ve been in have always tried to tell a story in our sequencing. Look up Pfloog’s E.P. Empathy and you’ll see what I mean.

Did you find that the creative process varied when switching between “Tuesday” and “& Sorry?"

I’d like to say no, that in the end it's all me and that's the goal, but to be honest it was like playing two different characters in the same film. Tuesday is the antagonist or anti-hero or something, I wanted it to feel confident and self-assured but also kind of toxic. I was doing my best impression of the hot guy that you like but you know you shouldn’t?.. and then there’s & Sorry where I’m Michael Cera saying “fuck” for the first time at the end of the movie. It was meant to be a humbling breakdown where I realized my mistakes. Aside from general attitude, the production in both songs is night and day. Kyle Marchant really blessed me with something banging for Tuesday, but & Sorry was more of a cerebral moment in my studio playing around with things till they felt right.

What are you hoping that your listeners take away from the messaging heard collectively between the two songs?

Trust your instincts. If you have doubts about anything in life, take a second to reassess. I think we often hide the truth from even ourselves because it's easier not to see it. Sometimes all you gotta do is ask yourself some hard questions to get the answers you’re looking for.

What does this piece of work say about who you are as an individual and an artist?

Flowerless is two-faced: impulsive and methodical, structured and crazy, weird as hell but at times brilliant (and super humble). I wanted to make something that showed people what kind of range I really have. I think Tuesday & Sorry show two sides of me and hope that there’s an entire spectrum between them I’d eventually like to play with. Stay on your toes for the next one basically.

What's next for you?

My goal as Flowerless has always been to show people what I’m capable of without any outside interference. The music and vision are pure to whatever I feel they should be. Though I do my best to take criticism and grow, this project has given me the freedom to try out a lot of different ideas, both musically and promotionally, that I wouldn’t feel as comfortable attempting with other people on the line. In short, next up is a couple of really amazing collaborations with other artists in Toronto and then and an absolute BANGER to show people what I’m really capable of. Thanks for tagging along.



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