Fluffmachine Releases "Project X" And We're Hooked!

Fluffmachine is an artist in his own lane to even think of comparing him to anybody else would be deranged! He has his own flare, style, and musical swag to him deserving of the label “artist”. Fluffmachine says;

“I've been writing and recording music for about 13 years. I love making music! It’s such a personal and timeless experience and seems to cure whatever ails me at the moment. When I first started It was more or less about putting together a bunch of guitar, bass, and synth songs/tunes I made that year and making a 'cool' album cover in MS Paint. As years & albums went on I added more and more instruments and experimentation and moving beyond just putting songs together.

Fluffmachine started out experimenting with sounds which led into him discovering that special ear for good music he has. His release of “Spotless Mind” was truly an idiosyncratic masterpiece with atypical noises that’s sure to hypnotize you into a trance you won’t regret! I love the abnormal, ghostly vibe of the entire track. It’s a tune so unusual, it’s hauntingly engrossing. You absorb every moment of the song and it provokes you into escaping from reality for the duration of the music. Fluffmachine did an excellent job precisely creating an unorthodox hit!

Check out our interview with Fluffmachine below!

How did you come up with the name “Fluffmachine” ? It’s a really cool name!

The meaning has changed over the years but as a little kid I used to call something fluffy if I thought it was cool or fun. I also have an affinity for scifi / future tech stuff so I added machine to represent creation; a working machine like some fabric of reality. But... if you ask in month that could change. haha 

You have many hobbies that includes Animation, drawing, and even singing! Which would have to be your favorite and why?

Lately I've been on a drawing kick, on IG I did my first Inktober and I haven't really stopped drawing since. But my love would have to be composing music. Especially when you find a melody you really dig, you start layering everything together and it sort of takes over your life. It's great but sometimes unhealthy haha. 

Was it difficult for you to find your first hit song that you thoroughly loved when you first began producing?

Not really, the more I recorded the more comfortable with my music I became. I'm versatile with my music so I'm pretty happy with the 5 CDs I have on Bandcamp. I think you should give a few tracks from different albums on there a listen before you decide if you like it or not. I think there's something for everyone to enjoy. 

What would be the easiest part in making music? What’s the most difficult?

The easiest part for me would have to be finding or creating an interesting sound. I loop at lot when i'm creating stuff so its fun to sometimes spend hours just seeing what clicks, I don't mind it. The hardest part for me lately has been getting a solid drum kit. I recently got the TR-8S and a few other toys and i'm really excited to step up my drum sound in particular. It's about time.

What else can we expect out of you in the future?

In the next six months or so I hope to be finished with my next CD. I don't have a name yet for it but I have about 6 songs roughly laid out and I want to do an animated/live action video for it. Also it think it'll be the most well produced of my music so I hope it'll reach more people! 

Connect with Fluffmachine on social media:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/fluffmachine

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/fluffmachine

YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=psaqzbR2bao&t=2580s