Flying Kites Invite us to Reflect on Our Friendships With, "End of the Boys"

Hailing from California's Bay Area, the 4-piece pop/rock group Flying Kites releases a sweet tribute to friendship with their latest single, "End of the Boys."

Created by pop artist Justin Llamas and his close friends, Flying Kites began their creative venture in 2018, performing as a cover band in all sorts of venues. Thanks to the pandemic, Flying Kites was able to reach their goal of creating original music with help from their cleared schedule, giving the boys the exact push they needed.

Eager to release their forthcoming EP, 'Bromance,' on July 23rd, 2021, Flying Kites prepares us for the said project by way of their latest single, "End of the Boys." The single tracks the relationship of two friends in the tone of a best man's wedding speech, "'End of the Boys' highlights the end of a friendship--but also the bittersweet happiness you feel when your best friend finds the love of their life," says Flying Kites.

Diving into their single, "End of the Boys," the journey begins with tender piano melodies that set the song's heartfelt and reflective tone. As Justin Llamas makes his way in, he wastes no time and jumps into his lyrical theme by expanding on turning up one last time before his dear friend begins a new life. As we meet the hook, Flying Kites offer a warm and delicate vocal harmony that serenades us with the utmost soul and passion.

We adore the addition of organic electric guitars and soothing drum breaks, as it makes for an overall chilling and bittersweet listening experience. As the song comes to a close, Flying Kites remind us to never take our friends for granted.