FlyNeverDies Releases New Single "Make Me Happy" Featuring Jean Grae

FlyNeverDies is an alternative-pop duo based out of Los Angeles, whose music fuses hip-hop vocals, rock guitar, retro vibes and pop to create a sound unique to today's music trends, while distinctly creating their own trends. The group consists of "CoolhandTrew" and Eric Haywood. The duo have been working together since meeting in 2007. Together, they have crafted a handful of projects with the assistance of noted Hip-Hop luminaries such as Ski Beatz, Nottz, Wordsworth, and Camp Lo. in 201. Fueled by a shared interest in electronic music, the duo embarked on totally different musical journey and created the album "The Incredible Fantastic". "The Incredible Fantastic" went on to be streamed over 500,000 times. Having found their niche, Haywood and Trew decided to continue creating and musically grew past generic categorization.

FlyNeverDies released their latest single on August 24 titled "Make Me Happy". The song is a catchy upbeat anthem that features a fast paced tempo and swift rap flow. The song brings us back into the early days of the 2000s giving major The Black Eyed Peas vibes with a modern contemporary twist. The chorus is the part that will tie you in and make you want to dance the night away. "Make Me Happy" is a very well composed song. We love the transition from the rap, flowing into the female vocal feature from "Jean Grae". We love her voice accented throughout the song, as it adds a nice twist. The duo prove they are not afraid to break boundaries with their music, and we hope their music spreads around the world to inspire other artists and musicians to do the same. Listen to "Make Me Happy" here.

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