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Fobiah’s 'Late Bloomer,' Is The Sonic Diary We All Need

Letting us into his diary-like music entries that surface to the public's ears as sonic earworms, UK-based rapper, songwriter, and recording artist Fobiah is quickly elevating his status to leave an impact with the music he crafts.

His most recent five-track EP titled 'Late Bloomer' allows him to take his signature vulnerability and multiply it tenfold. With each song attached to an emotion, the reflective masterpiece directly represents the authenticity that Fobiah aims to convey to his listeners through each piece curated.

Showing that Fobiah's heart resides with evocative offerings of sentiments that hold a great value to himself as an artist and individual roaming this earth, this emerging artist offers up an emotional rollercoaster in 'Late Bloomer.'

Hoping that it will resonate with his audience in a way that encourages them to be truthful with themselves while interpreting what they need from the five songs presented, you'll get lost in a smooth, hip-hop experience that represents this UK rapper's inner thoughts.

Check out the full BuzzMusic interview here to dive deeper into 'Late Bloomer.'


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