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Focus Your Attention on Demi Michelle's Upcoming Debut Album

The up-and-coming singer-songwriter and recording artist Demi Michelle announces the release of her forthcoming debut album, 'Dear Diary,' coming this fall.

A few words to describe Demi Michelle's music are heartfelt, charismatic, and unique, as she's always one to wear her heart on her sleeve and spice things up with a playful attitude. Known for turning life experiences into catchy and memorable songs, Michelle's blend of pop and country is enough to wrap the listener into a warm sonic embrace.

2021 has been a big year for Michelle; she released her lead single, "Will I Ever," off the forthcoming debut album on May 21, which struck vast excitement for the project's release.

The album, 'Dear Diary,' is jam-packed with emotion, authenticity, and passion, as Demi Michelle serenades us with her honest words that depict relatable lyrical concepts of life's peaks and valleys. We're more than excited to push this record into the hands of many, as Demi Michelle is genuinely proving herself as a star on the rise.

Catch Demi Michelle's debut 11-track album, 'Dear Diary,' on all digital streaming platforms this fall.


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