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Folk and Americana Artist James Lee Baker Says There’s Nothing Like “The First Time”

James Lee Baker is a talented singer/songwriter that pours his heart and soul into his music. The Texas-based star is rising in the Folk and Americana scenes as an artist with a clear and soaring voice, eloquent and tasteful fingerstyle guitar playing, and a knack for lyrical detail with songs steeped in stories of the heartland. With an unmatched storytelling element to his artistry, James Lee Baker is the one to watch.

“The First Time” by James Lee Baker is a motivating anthem to inspire and light a fire in all of us. It focuses heavily on taking control of life and our experiences and really living in the moment and experiencing life to the fullest. “One thing you figure out as the years go by.. Is it’s not like The First Time” is my favorite lyric within the melodically refreshing chorus. It hones in on the overall theme of the track and sheds light on how precious every moment in our life is, especially all of our firsts. “The First Time” is a lighthearted and catchy tune that makes you really think about how you’re living your life. I love James’ ability to curate music that everyone can relate to. I highly recommend you keep up with James Lee Baker to see what’ll he’ll deliver next! 

Check out “The First Time” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Can you start by telling our readers about your upbringing and how you got started making music?

I was born and raised in a musically-inspired family and community. From an early age, I was steeped in attending my father's classic rock band concerts, going to summer singing camps, and competing in vocal and choral competitions. I started playing guitar at 15 and writing songs when I was 17. Music has been in my life from the beginning and is a common bond I share with so many people that I love. 

How do you draw inspiration from your musical influences?

I take mental snapshots of things that inspire me - amazing lines from songs, motifs, textures, etc. It's sort of like seeing a painter paint with a technique you find fascinating and trying to authentically recreate it while making it your own.

We love “The First Time”! Can you talk about the meaning of the lyrics?

I imagined myself sitting in the passenger's seat of a car and, behind the wheel, is my younger self learning to drive a car for the first time. The lecture, if you will, is trying to emphasize that the first experiences of things are often the most memorable and can't be reproduced. 

When my father was younger, he spent time at his grandparent's homestead in South Texas. Years later, when asking to go back to visit it, he was told "Don't. It's not going the be the same experience as when you were younger; let those memories be what they are". Needless to say, when he went back, it wasn't the same. 

What do you hope your listeners take away from this song?

Be cognizant of a first-time experience and enjoy it, memorably, to the fullest. Take note of it, be in the present moment, for it will be a unique experience.

What’s next for you?

I have one more single up my sleeve coming out in a couple months along with an expertly-produced music video by Arcadian Pictures. In the spring of next year, I will be releasing a full-length album recorded at Blue Rock Studios in Austin, Texas by the legendary Chris Bell. 


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