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Folk Never Sounded so Good With Jacob Bihun’s Single “Mrs. Smith”

Based in Toronto, Canada, Alternative Rock/Folk artist Jacob Bihun releases his long-awaited single “Mrs. Smith”.

While beginning his career back in 2017 with multiple EP’s and albums, Jacob Bihun later partnered with indie record label Canadian Daydream. Conjuring up his next project for summer 2020, Jacob Bihun released his first single of the year “Mrs. Smith”. A song running with heavy lyrical content about chasing your dreams and not letting your inner demons get to you, Jacob Bihun ties in beautiful folk instrumentals that softly exude serenity. Not to mention the conceptual storyline, we really feel as though we know “Mrs. Smith” already.

Opening with beautiful acoustic guitar and subtle electric guitar picking, “Mrs. Smith” has a very peaceful start. Once Jacob Bihun’s vocals enter the song, he adds a serene aspect through his crisp and broad-ranged vocals.

Giving us a folk experience through instrumentation, the standing acoustic guitar, and cheerful drum patterns give off an energy of vibrance and optimism. Jacob Bihun sings passionate storytelling lyrics of “Mrs. Smith” falling in love overtop her red wine during a hot summer night, yet still having those demons run in her mind regarding the dreams she’d like to fulfill.

A very introspective and story-like song, Jacob Bihun’s “Mrs. Smith” brings out the best of his descriptive abilities.

Listen to "Mrs. Smith" today here.

Hey Jacob Bihun, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re mesmerized with your entire single “Mrs. Smith”. What sort of message or storyline did you want to stand out within the single “Mrs. Smith?”

Thank you! Yeah, Mrs.Smith was an interesting one. I think the idea behind it was trying to capture the concept of those typical suburban young love relationships you see a lot around the university and high school kids growing up. I think the song talks about how young love can be a powerful thing but eventually might end due to uncontrollable reasons and people end up in different places, different lives. And sometimes not the one they really wanted.

Seeing as your single “Mrs. Smith” is Jacob Bihun’s first release of the year, does the track differ from your previous releases, or are you still tying in the same sort of sound and approach?

My team and I at Canadian daydream are really stepping up the projects this year. I've personally been spearheading a lot on the marketing end ensuring we're really giving the release 110% and also giving the fans 110%. That's things like early access contests, live session, you name it we're gonna be doing it. In regards to the sound I think the process was similar you could say, but the more you record with a studio the better it gets. So I think fans will notice a step up in the sound quality as well as the overall structure and production.

We’ve heard that Jacob Bihun’s music ranges from alternative rock to folk. Within your latest release “Mrs. Smith,” what made you want to take the softer folk route rather than any other sound you’ve played around with?

Right yeah, so this is something I've been getting asked a lot actually. For instance, if you go to my live shows its definitely more of a crazy rock show with guitar solos and a dirty alternative vibe. But I also recognized people really enjoyed midnight mornings from my last EP "Paper Flowers" which did really really well. And to be honest, that folk sound is in my roots. I love writing stuff. What I like to do with my projects is really just try to make good music, and that usually means trying out different genres constantly and balancing my writing with my fans, cause I love them to bits.

We’ve heard that Jacob Bihun is crafting up an EP titled “New Normal” for a summer 2020 release. Can you say anything about the new project, and might we see “Mrs. Smith” on the EP?

Yes! "New Normal" is gonna be my official follow up EP to "Paper Flowers" and I'm excited for people to listen to it. I think people can look forward to a variety of sounds from the 5 tracks and most definitely some relatable themes. Mrs. Smith will be on the EP and we've actually got 2 more singles dropping before the project hits.

What can fans expect to hear next from you?

I think this whole period that we're living in is very VERY unprecedented. A lot of my fans are younger people going through school or just entering the workforce and a pandemic alongside some civil unrest can always be a challenge. I think "New Normal" will be a sort of memoir or something that generation can hold on to during and after the chaos. That's really why I started the project during COVID-19, I just woke up one day and said "I've gotta do this". Fans can expect a message of hope and peace of mind, that's a good way of putting it I think. I'm a musician, not a politician.


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