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Folk Power Couple Drakeford Releases Their First Single Of The Year; “We’ll Be Alright”

Drakeford are a husband and wife singer-songwriter duo based in Nashville, TN. Made up of a Brit and an American, the world-traveling duo's music is folksy at heart with hints of pop throughout, with the finger-picking style being as clear and crisp as the vocal articulation. Drakeford and Lucy-Jayne first met in 2011 in the small country of Kyrgyzstan, and later lived in the Near East for a few years, traveling and doing street performances with a musical group. They later moved back to the States where they got married, and started touring and doing music full time together as a folk/pop duo. The power couple just released their first single of 2019, “We’ll Be Alright” and will be releasing more songs as the year goes on.

“We’ll Be Alright” is a beautiful pop-love ballad from Drakeford and we can’t get enough. Laced with elements of folk undertones, the addicting pop hit blends genres flawlessly. The song “We’ll Be Alright” focuses on the couples unconditional love. They’ve been through so much together, and know everything about each other. No matter what, they know they’ll persevere through anything. The track “We’ll Be Alright” is relatable to so many people through all walks of life. Love is something that connects all of us, weather that’s love between partners, family or friends. The positivity seeps through the speakers in most poetic and spectacular way. Drakeford’s vocals perfectly complement each other, their harmonies are insatiable and their melodies don’t quit. I highly recommend you listen to “We’ll Be Alright” and keep up with Drakeford for their future musical endeavors!

Listen to “We’ll Be Alright” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Can you each tell us about your childhood and what really sparked your creativity?

That's a great question!

Drake: My mother loved writing poetry, so I was exposed to that fairly early in my life and basically from the time I learned how to write I was putting together poems of my own. Once I learned guitar at 13 it was a natural progression for me to take my poetry and put it to music...therefore writing songs!

Lucy-Jayne: When I was younger, my dream was actually to be a choreographer/dancer when I grew up! I loved to dance (I still do!). From there, I started to get into all the performing, singing, drama and I loved it all! I didn't take any singing lessons, but everyday when I came home from school I would go into my room for hours and just sing my heart out to myself and I guess it just grew from there! I have also lived on 3 different continents, all with very different cultures that I think taught me a lot about the many styles of music in the world and how beautiful they all are. We love to incorporate different genres and styles into our songs!

How long have you been singing/performing?

We've been doing music full time together as a duo for the last 3 1/2 years. However, we were doing music separately for a few years as well (Drake was a solo singer/songwriter for about 12 years and Lucy-Jayne was in a girlband for 6 years in the UK!)

What does “We’ll Be Alright” mean to you? What inspired it?

"We'll Be Alright" was written about 10 months ago, and was/is very true to the season we're in right now. It's a hopeful love song. As artists, we are constantly on the road touring and away from friends and family so that can really start taking a toll on you physically and emotionally. Sometimes life is amazing and you wanna shout it from the rooftops, other times it's a struggle just to get up in the morning. We want to share these experiences with our listeners because we know that we all go through hard times, so why not be authentic and vulnerable with each other so we all know we're not alone? We're talking to each other as husband and wife in this song, saying that as long as you've got me and I've got you, and we have our faith we're going to get through this.

What’s your writing process look like?

It's different for both of us! Drake normally finds the melody first, or a chord progression that inspires him which then leads to lyrics. He is also a poet. He loves the unique challenge of fitting syllables into a certain pentameter...he is a true word smith! I normally come up with lyrics first, and then I'll bring them to Drake to help me put it to music. I would say that Drake is the main songwriter though, and I help him mold and edit the song. We're a good team I think!

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

Like we said previously, in our music we want to be real. We want to be authentic to the season we're in in that moment. We might write songs about our faith in God and what we're learning about that, we might write songs about struggles, love, social justice issues or just funny life moments, but whatever it is we want our music to come from a real place that hopefully will relate to our listeners and encourage them when they're going through or thinking about similar things.


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