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Follow CreNaetive's Journey of "Growth" With New Rap Single

Rap artist and Songwriter CreNaetive has been passionate about the arts for as long as she can remember and has since built a business to showcase many different forms of art such as painters and musicians.

Alongside this, her own music career is taking off as she prepares for the release of her second EP with the latest single release "Growth."

CreNaetive shows her versatility as an artist with its atmospheric synth melodies underneath her soul-hitting lyrics.

CreNaetive effortlessly flows through her cascade of lyrics with determination and strength. Her incredible rap skills are on display here as she transitions from verse to verse in a fluent and smooth manner.

The beat adds a backbone to “Growth” without being too overwhelming and giving her latest rap single a distinction from other songs in this genre. Her lyrics are the main event, keeping you captivated and hanging on until the end.

With this song, CreNaetive raps about certain life changes and molding of perspective as a result. Sometimes through success and achievement, you realize the perfect life you dreamed up doesn’t exist and that happiness truly does come from within. Throughout it all, she holds onto her faith to keep her grounded.

CreNaetive’s appreciation for the art of all forms is apparent in her ability to try new things and experiment musically, and “Growth” has all the fierce and hardcore aspects of a rap song that will stick in your mind long after you listen.

As CreNaetive states in “Growth”, there is nothing and no one stopping her from succeeding.

What was the creative process like for “Growth?"

"Growth" was probably my most interesting writing process this year. To be honest I was in the middle of a writer's block moment and had gotten an email with the beat in it. I took to the beat really easy because of how smooth it was and just let it play on repeat in the house. I'm still in college, so right now I'm usually listening to beats while I sit and get school work done; and one day the hook just came to me I guess. And honestly, I don't even think of it as a hook but more so the general message of the song. It's only 4 bars so it was never meant to be catchy, but it worked. The oddest thing was that the hook came to me first. Usually, I write verses first in the form of a story then fill the storyline with the hook, but this song came from everything that's been going on in life and the world right now. I celebrated my 25th birthday on election day this year and we have all seen the immense change that's gone on in 2020 alone. "Growth" was like my way of expressing everything I've felt leading up to this milestone birthday.

Do you find that songwriting comes more naturally to you when writing about personal topics? My songwriting process is really random, at least I think so. Personal topics come really naturally for most people but, I struggle with them. I always want to be mindful of how bias a song may come across if it's derived from a negative experience, but I also don't ever want to sound super cocky from good ones. I think that life is an interesting topic and because I never know your audience's background for sure I try to write about my personal experience based on emotion instead of circumstance. I think you relate to more people that way too, just because everyone has the same range of emotions even though no two people react to any situation the same way; and I always want my music to be relatable no matter what way, I just want you to feel something when you hear it. How do you hope “Growth” ideals are perceived by listeners? How would you describe “Growth” in just a few words for someone who has never listened to your music before? I hope people hear this song and understand that it's ok to not feel ok; and that it's normal for life to make big changes. Growing up is scary, confusing, and hard, but it's something we all have to do, and I think "Growth" is my way of sharing how I learned those lessons myself. Feeling like no one understands, or no one is supporting whatever your dream is is normal. Thinking that you have to be strong all the time, and not letting yourself just be, and change, and grow, is detrimental in the long run. That's the whole point of the song; a lesson in being ok with change. That's pretty much what the song is. If anyone has never heard me before this would be the first song I suggest, simply because it's one of my most expressive releases without being overwhelming. It's easy to listen that's relatable, and enlightening all at the same time. How do you balance your production company business with your music career? Do you find the exposure to a variety of different artists and styles influences your own music? Balancing the company and my music career has been a fun ride so far, but I think that's because the company is still such a baby. We are still working out the kinks and building the presence of the brand, but because it is all ultimately stemming from the music, it's a challenging ride. I currently do most of the production work myself with the exception of some graphic design work and certain writing projects, but I've been building a solid team that really sees what I want this to be and supports it. What's been really great is collaborating across the group's mediums. I'm in music, but I've got a photographer, painter, and writer working with me on our 2021 launch project, and the ideas alone that get tossed around and developed in just one conversation are enough to blow anyone's mind. We've also got a small group of artists under us that we are mentoring and producing within the brand that is each so unique. It's refreshing because it gives me new perspectives for songs and content that I may not have ever thought of if I didn't have them around. What can you tell us about your upcoming EP in the new year? How will this EP compare to your first release? The next EP is definitely a change of pace from the first one. When I released "All Hail First Lady" I knew I needed to prove I could withstand the female rappers that are already out there; so I came hard, I put it all out there and stood my ground in that 'I'm here" kind of way. This next one is much more versatile and more vulnerable. Most of the songs were written during this period of quarantine, and the past 3 years have been a rollercoaster in my personal life. Since music is my diary, I'm using this next release to relate to everyone that's feeling the pressure, and stress of life right now. And unlike the first release, there is a feature on the project from my friend and brother in music Playboii. He is also on my single "Thanks to the Haters" that dropped earlier this year and he did a hook on a song at the last minute that just worked really well and brought everything full circle. So I'm really excited about it, the whole thing has been an experience, and it only made titling the project even more difficult but it will be called "Sufferance". The idea being that no matter what is going on around you the struggle makes you stronger, we suffer so that we can endure. It's gonna be mellow at times but it will be an experience to watch the world receive it and embrace what I have to say. Do you have any other releases lined up before the end of 2020?

Before the end of the year, I can't say for sure if there will be new music. I am sitting on quite a few records right now but with the company launch project, I've really been building outward instead of up at the moment. But you never know, sometimes I'll be listening to a final cut and just decide that the world needs it right then and there; and right now I can honestly say that there are a couple of songs in the arsenal that might be needed in 2020.



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