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"For You, For Me," Has Manny Wilde Flourishing in Wistful Timbres

Venezuelan-born Manny Wilde is a Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter sharing his peculiar ensemble of sensibilities with the West Coast.

While sprouting his roots in Rock n Roll, Manny Wilde soon found his calling in mixing his Jazz-Folk vocals with a sound closer to the blues ground. Manny Wilde aims to mix old influences with what's relevant today. Themes of love, acceptance, and redemption cover Manny's lyrical works with a call back to the days of Nick Drake and Bob Dylan.

Dipping into an authentically gripping vocalization that Manny Wilde delivers, we are summoned into a smooth collision of talent in, “For You, For Me.” The clear and present delivery from Manny Wilde remains in the foreground of your mind as you effortlessly sit back on the luxurious resonance emitted in the instrumentation accompanying his prevailing tenors.

Taking in a medley of instruments, each melodious component works together to offer up a resilient ballad of love in its finest moments.

The mid-tempo groove has you swaying into the opulent harmonies that Manny Wilde graces upon our speakers. With a break in the music working up to the glorious a cappella moment, everything drops out but your attention as you remain fixated upon the deluxe exploration that Manny Wilde endures as he covers the ground in a raw cascade of heartfelt sentiment. Creating the most pleasant listening experience from the fusions encountered, “For You, For Me,” brings a divine sense of life into your world.

Manny Wilde is extraordinary at what he does. There is no denying an aptitude and validity so humble, and pure. As we float back down from cloud-nine, we urge you to take in all that is, “For You, For Me,” for yourself.

Congratulations on the striking release of, “For You, For Me.” What inspired the songwriting heard in the luscious performance?

Glad to be part of BuzzMusic! The song was inspired by a failed relationship at the time. It's about accepting loss and doing what is overall right for yourself and the person you were with so that neither one has to suffer for something that could not be in the first place. Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process entailed when bringing this song to life? Did you have the instrumentation first, or the lyrical concept?

The song started off completely acoustic. I felt that the most fitting key for it was Eb- to me, that key has a melancholic yet positive feel. So yes, the instrumentation came first but soon thereafter the lyrics came to me very easily. I felt a 'click' with this song and I suppose that is because I was writing more from the heart than my brain. I then took the song to producer Jordan Ruiz and we made it more of a classic Rhythm & Blues song. I also wanted the 'DNA', if you will, to be Jazz- I didn't want the instruments playing the same way twice. It's so much more interesting to me when the song carries itself in a spontaneous manner. Just play what you feel!

How does, “For You, For Me,” hold up to your other bodies of work?

This is actually my first official song that is out there! But I do have plenty of material that I've not yet released- mostly because of my own self-criticism. However, after releasing this song, that self-criticism has mellowed out a lot. So I'm glad I finally put something out there so I could get rid of the doubts within. What is the main message that you send out to your listeners as an artist?

Honesty resonates best out of all things. Thinking too much can mess things up but if you're honest with your intentions, most things in life will work out better. What can we expect to see next, throughout 2021?

Well, if this damn pandemic is ever over then there will be plenty from me! It's unfortunate that this happened to the world and it has put a setback on all of us. I want to release a full album this year, though. I hope things get better soon- I am not very fond of working with the band remotely. I have some promising songs for this coming album and I am trying to bring something new to the table. In terms of sound, try thinking 'Moondance' album vibes with some Sinatra-like big-band rhythms.



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