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Foster Porter Reminds to "Eat" the World Infront of Us

Coming in hot from Lexington, Kentucky, the flaming rapper, hip-hop artist, and songwriter Foster Porter keeps us on our toes with a poised and motivational single, "Eat."

Constantly leaving his audience inspired through each and every release, the Kentucky-hailing artist and rapper pride himself on his self-assured bars and confident delivery. Inspired by his ability to create music for himself and others to enjoy/experience, we're incredibly excited to introduce new listeners to Foster Porter's dynamic sound.

Now releasing his jumping and bumping single, "Eat," Foster Porter can be heard delivering the utmost motivational and alluring bars while leaving listeners feeling inspired to get a bag for themselves. When asked about the single, Porter mentioned, "'Eat' is about taking all the fashion style you have and embracing it—then taking that same style to the world and winning overall."

Plunging into the single "Eat," the track opens with haunting synths and electronic keys that drench us in heat and power right off the bat. As the blistering trap drums make their hefty appearance with heavy sub-bass and accompanying hi-hats, Foster Porter joins the party and immerses us in his savory and confident bars.

We love the rhythmic delivery that Foster Porter brings to his heated performance within this lively tune, as it gets us bumping and grinding our ways into the sweaty nightclubs we miss dearly. While rapping about embracing his fashion, style, and persona, Foster Porter leads us towards the outro with incredible tenacity and charisma that ends the song on a fiery note.

Satisfy your cravings with Foster Porter's latest single, "Eat," now available to devour on all digital streaming platforms.

Hello Foster Porter and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love the rhythm and groove of your latest single, "Eat." What inspired you to create a song based on embracing your style, fashion, and everything you embody?

The song eat came from full creativity, so using the same style and fashion I like I used the same creativity in the song “Eat.”

What did you want your audience to take away from your confident bars and delivery within "Eat?" How did you want them to feel after listening?

The audience is a big inspiration for my music and I want the audience to be excited and feel energized after listening to “Eat.”

Seeing that you have four released singles as of today, do you have any plans to create an EP or album sometime in the future? Or will you continue pushing out singles before this happens?

Ep's and albums are an option for the future, and I look forward to releasing more singles also.

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