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Foxy Club Music Delivers Modern Rendition Of 1971 Hit “Hot Love”

Foxy Club Music is the epitome of real rock n' roll. The glamour, swagger, confidence and quirky lyricism pay homage to 1970’s glam rock in the most contemporary fashion. Brando Pablo is Foxy Club Music’s lead singer and songwriter who gets their listener grooving along to their infectious hook-driven melodies and contagious charismatic delivery. Foxy Club Music makes its debut with “Hot Love”, a refreshing rendition of T.Rex’s 70’s classic.


Throughout “Hot Love” Foxy Club Music consistently showcase different sides to their creative approach. From softness to weight, calm to chaos, they utilize every element involved in order to craft something artistically relevant to the song’s underlying concept. “Hot Love” is a song that takes full advantage of contrast and builds up through its various sections in a manner that feels perfectly united to the sentiments in the writing. While that unmistakable voice is the first thing to reach out, later on, it’s the switch to a partly modern rock explosion of energy and color. There’s as much power in the instrumentation as there is in any of the lyrics or vocal inflections. Foxy Club Music is rock and roll first and foremost; loud, chaotic and urgent, but with an underpinning of infectious melody that gets stuck in your head for days. Absolutely worth a listen, we’re looking forward to more from Foxy Club Music! Stay tuned for their debut EP, coming soon!

Check out “Hot Love” here! Read more with Foxy Club Music in our interview below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Foxy Club Music! We love your nostalgic sound! Can you introduce the members of the group and tell us about how Foxy Club Music came to fruition?

Thank you kindly! It's a pleasure to be with you.  My name is Brando Pablo and I play guitar and swoon and croon among other things in Foxy Club Music.  I compose, write, and record all my own material, so there is nobody to blame but myself! (laughs)  It's a one-man band, but I do have a small team of gorgeous personalities with exquisite facial features whom I trust to provide indispensable help in the recording process, as well as a live performance. For the past year, I've been recording my music at a lovely boutique studio in Santa Monica called 4th Street Recording with my friend, in-house engineer and mixing and musical maestro, Sejo Navajas.  The studio has such a sexy and evocative classic rock décor: velvet curtains and sofas, shag rugs, mood lighting, vintage instruments, etc.  The atmosphere certainly nurtured my impulse to record my brand of nostalgic rock n' roll. I cook everything with a meticulous hand and feverish effort, but it is a calculatedly disheveled stew of shambles.  It's the sartorial concept of 'sprezzatura' applied to music: effort cloaked in the absence of effort.  Nothing is written or recorded by accident, but it is intended to sound as if the songs just stumbled and tumbled out of the back of the club with vodka on the lips in the blue midnight fog, but the feigned delirious misstep is truly just a perfectly rehearsed waltz upon a bed of roses.  Foxy Club Music was born out of my desire to write simple, deliberate, wistful, moody and glamorous rock n' roll.  Once I tapped into this inspiration, the songs sprung wild.

Your rendition of “Hot Love” was really refreshing! What made you decide to release a cover song as your debut? How did you decide which song would work with your sound?

Releasing a cover song as your debut is like flirting with your eyes, but with your sunglasses still on.  I wanted to maintain the mystery of Foxy Club Music, but also let you know that this is a thing and something is about to happen.  'Hot Love' showcases the style and romance of my music, but it doesn't give away too much or lift the mask too early.  It's just enough to get people to turn on their eyes and lift their ears and get a little curious.  It's a lily on the step before you walk in the door.  It's also a tribute to one of my favorite songwriters, and a primary inspiration behind Foxy Club Music: Mr. Marc Bolan of T. Rex.  I didn't think too much or too deeply about recording and releasing it.  I just love the song and had fun putting my own spin on it.  It felt right to play, but uniquely different from my original material to merit a stand-alone release.  I hope people enjoy it and discover T. Rex if they were not already aware.

How do you personally feel about live performance? Would you say that you prefer the live performance aspect of music more over the writing/recording process?

I enjoy playing live.  There are an incomparable buzz and rush that comes from playing live with a group in front of an audience.  It's a powerful feeling when you can get people to tune into your groove and ride your airwave on such an instinctual level.  It's intense and exciting.  Yet, I would generally say I prefer the writing and the recording process, because there are so many different routes I can take to develop a song.  It's a magical feeling to allow an initial spark of inspiration to be captured into a lyric and melody.  Songwriting is freedom, madness, and joy.  I'm also dreadfully private and devilishly introspective, so the studio is much more comfortable for me on a personal level.  However, Foxy Club Music was deliberately created to feel like an old-school rock n' roll band.  The songs were stitched and woven as arena-ready anthems meant to be played live and loud and jump out of the speaker.  I prefer the studio, but Foxy Club prefers the stage.  There's quite a bit of dissent and struggle in this one-man band.  

What are some of your ultimate goals as a group? Are any of these goals currently being put into place/being worked on?

My ultimate goal with Foxy Club Music is to turn you on.  I want to make you feel like you're making out on the moon.  I want to make you feel like you're struttin' through the stars.  These are my modest goals.

We’re looking forward to experiencing some of your original music! What can you tell us about your upcoming debut EP?

My upcoming debut EP release will be preceded by a few more single releases over the next few months.  The next of which will be accompanied by a music video about which I'm fantastically excited. It will shed a bit more light into the Foxy Club universe.  The full EP can be expected in January.  You can expect 5-6 original songs.  The music has a very 70's glam feel, but I'm also pulling from a wide range of influences to give the sound a fresh and diverse mood.  David Bowie, Prince, Roxy Music, Lenny Kravitz, Rick James, Smokey Robinson, Tom Jones, Julio Iglesias, Marvin Gaye, INXS, The Supremes and Van Halen are the current records spinning in my studio to name a few.  You can expect some funky and swoony rock n' roll. Thank you BuzzMusic! I had a lot of fun.  Thank you for having me.



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