Franjapan Adds Nomadic Energy To Your Christmas Spirit With “Christmas Day

Franjapan, a Melbourne quintet whose interpretation of 70’s pop rock and neo psychedelia vibed music coupled with hazy psych-distortions have led them to tailoring a unique and digestible danceable sound, will leave you embracing in spirit with their new festive hit “Christmas Day”. The delightful tune starts off with the colorful and overcast sound similar to the likes of The Neighbourhood. The lyricism are immediately fitting to the holiday season that has approached us with lyrics that instantly draws you to the content of the song.

I love how “Christmas Day” propagates the holiday spirit while also executing their personable and individualistic style and mannerism. This approach to the seasonal atmosphere adds a spin to your average Christmas hits you’re used to! Not only are they abducting you into their edgy and nomadic realm, they’re projecting their passion and conveying the emotion into the project effortlessly. I love how “Christmas Day” can not only bring a joyful presence around, but also fabricate the modern day vintage alternative rock tune. I picture Polaroids, highway drives and the accompany between loved ones while listening to “Christmas Day”. What picture do you mentally paint?

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