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Frankee Razor Relates To All With A Spotlight On His Favorite Day Of the Week

You may recognize the up-and-coming Pop songwriter and performer Frankee Razor from his time as a young contestant on American Idol.

However, it's not so much the household television series that has brought him success, as his presence and talent allowed him to flourish into our speakers and hearts.

Like most, years of growth and self-exploration have taken him on a whirlwind of a journey, and lucky for us, Frankee has come out on the other side of the world of music as he radiates boundless positive energy for all to snag a piece of.

This brings us to Frankee Razor's latest single, chalked full of feel-good oomph. Oh, how endings bring us such glorious beginnings. What day of the week serves us better vibes than Friday? It's the end of the week and the start of the weekend. "Today I'm Gonna Friday" emphasizes the parts of Frankee we adore the most, with the potential to go viral at any given moment.

As we press play on the official music video for "Today, I'm Gonna Friday," directed by Jowan Carbin; we're thrilled to anticipate the quick cut scenes, flashing sequences, and bright imagery wrapped into a narrative we can't take our eyes off.

What begins as a lighthearted skit immediately jumps to life as we see Frankee Razor incognito, disguised as a janitor mopping up a soundstage. Now, that moment when he realizes it's Friday? All bets are off, and you bet he's about to show us how he Fridays. This animated performance visually and sonically exceeds our expectations.

Launching into one of the most mesmerizing dance sequences we've seen in a minute, this TikTok-ready moment has us wanting to learn all the moves and put our videos online asap. Glowing and flowing beside his brilliant co-star Kiya Cole, the transition from weekday janitor to the manifestations of swaggy, flashy, and stylish Friday selves is genuinely over the top in the best way possible.

Jump on the How U Friday? Viral campaign with your own video—so you can drive the bandwagon and not just jump on it. You know what we'll be doing this week in anticipation for… Friday.

I think it's safe to say that you're an entertainer above all else. We love "Today I'm Gonna Friday." Is there a direct moment or story that inspired this song?

Thank you, that's a huge compliment! I'd like to think I'm an entertainer with an infectious message of living your life for you and making the most of your time here on this earth!

The inspiration behind this song was spawned from this fact… although we have 9 to 5s and must pay the bills, we must be intentional about life fulfillment, fun, and freedom. When asked about her plans after work, a dear friend simply replied… "It's My Friday, so I'm gonna Friday"! Ten minutes later, "Today I'm Gonna Friday" was written! I love when a song comes to me from everyday life.

What can you tell us about your experience filming the visuals for this song? We can only imagine the fun that you would have had on set!

Effortless and insanely fulfilling are two descriptions that come to mind when asked about my experience filming the "Today I'm Gonna Friday" music video! My film company Frankee Razor Films, partnered with Jowan Carbin of Carbin Pictures to create the piece, and OMG, Jowan is like the creative partner I've been longing for my whole life!

He pushed me to be the most creative, the most authentic, the most extravagant version of Frankee Razor I could imagine, and it felt amazing because I was accustomed to hearing "Don't do this, don't do that" or being told to follow this other brand model/formula for success. I've been longing to be a part of a team that understands the importance of letting a creative spirit soar and carve out its lane instead of following the trends. Working with my beautiful dear friend, Kiya Cole, was also fun, whose east coast vibe brought a genuine, down-to-earth, chill vibe to the set.

Who helped to bring these ideas to life? With a How U Friday? campaign in the works, we know the amount of work and effort that goes into something so monumental.

I worked closely with Jowan Carbin to create the music video, and that's it. I wrote the song, @GooniesMusic produced it, @StefAudioStylist mixed it, and Danny Barros @Hitskope distributed it. I don't usually work with stylists because I have my vision of how I want to look, and it's rarely been done before, so it's hard to communicate the idea to a stylist even to understand what I have swirling in my brain. I tend to keep my circle small and work with the same people, first because "trust" is hard for me as I've been dicked over way too many times and because I want to hit it big with my small team, who has been loyal to me from day one.

What do you want your audience to take away from your music?

I'm glad you brought up the #HowUFridayChallenge because it represents exactly what I want people to take away from my music… life is about fulfillment, fun, and freedom. I've asked people to post a video of how they Friday and use the audio from my song "Today I'm Gonna Friday." Friday is a state of mind; it's a movement that says I will be intentional about what makes ME happy and stop at nothing until I achieve that happiness. I reach my Friday state of mind by horseback riding or performing or training for a triathlon… and I want everyone who hears my song to be inspired to FRIDAY IN THEIR OWN WAY and, by all means, make it epic, post it and tag me!

How does "Today I'm Gonna Friday" compare to other songs and music videos you've released? What makes it stand out?

Baby, everything about #TodayImGonnaFriday feels different; it feels like a movement that will continue throughout my life! It is a state of mind that I want to represent to people! It feels like I will be performing this when I'm 90 years old to people who have been inspired by this song years and years from now! It feels timeless and important and a cultural reminder to the overworked, underpaid employees in this country to take time for themselves and enjoy the hell out of life until you reach heaven! Plus, I'm serving looks, epicness, passion, and vibes in the video, so it's a winner, lol!


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