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Franny London Envelops You In Rich, Expansive Alternative Soundscapes On “Funny Girl”

The California native returns with more alternative goodness for your musical needs.

Having already racked up over 1.5 million streams online, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, and performer extraordinaire Franny London has been on an absolute tear. Captivating audiences with standout releases like “Trucks!” and “Dining With My Head On The Table,” this talented rising star has established herself as one of the most unique and exciting newcomers in the industry today. Bringing a perfectly curated alternative sound audiences can’t seem to get enough of, London’s future seems incredibly bright, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

Having been exposed to music since she was 7, you could say that London’s current success is the result of a dream a long time coming. A lover of alternative music at heart, she was inspired by acts like St. Vincent, Florence + The Machine, and The Strokes to make the type of music that seemed to call out to her heart. Bringing something fresh to each release, her latest single, “Metal,” saw her channel a little Florence + The Machine to great acclaim, but don’t get it twisted. London has forged her own unique and compelling sound, flitting between genres like a gentle artistic butterfly that we can’t help but love and watch.

London’s latest release, “Funny Girl,” is an engaging release that sees London utilize parts of her voice that we’re not used to seeing from her, but she still manages to pull it off effortlessly. With lush synth arrangements, rich and enticing melodies, and infectiously catchy drum patterns making the foundation of a perfectly curated instrumental performance, London’s vocals still find a way to steal the show. As she sings lyrics like “Recognize someone’s after you / Too tired, to find out the truth” and “Oh you never call me back / Realizing all I have is worth more,” London’s rich and textured vocals fully envelop you in the vast soundscape she has created. She’s managed to take our breaths away yet again.

Franny London’s newest release, “Funny Girl,” is a beautifully curated song that’s sure to find a welcome home in your alternative playlists. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream London’s newest release, “Funny Girl”, available now on all majour streaming platforms.


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