Fred Seul releases second single from EP 'Wolves'

Born and raised in Denmark, Fred Seul brings activism through real stories from his own perceptions of life. There are big and small problems around everybody and he challenges the tabus by addressing them and thereafter finding the optimism in the conflicts. 

Honesty towards youself and the art of saying things straight forward, without embellishing the reality, need more focus. Fred Seul wishes to draw the listener into his universe of optimistic melancholy, where sadness gets converted into joy. It’s relatable and it’s honest.

In its core, we're talking about a catchy road-trip folk song. Dynamically, the track holds its audience intrigued with a modern twist of organic analog synthesizers, daring hip-hop snares and electronic harmonized vocals. The second single of Fred Seul, "Wolves" discusses the growing fear of being in public. Despite the constant decreasing criminality, violence, and terror, people are more afraid than ever. He encourages people to appreciate that they're not born a hundred years ago.

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