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FREDDY Dives Into Life's Realities with Paired Single Release

Los Angeles-native artist FREDDY is here to shed more light on her personable ability to speak truths to her listeners, all while providing lyricism that contains serene depth.

FREDDY is the kind of artist that naturally has a compelling component to her vocal sound. She draws you in with her potent presence and performs with such distinguishable properties. Wanting to bend the genre of sound her music falls under, FREDDY ensures that her influence is extracted from various entities in order to provide a dynamic experience for her listeners. With introspective lyricism and emotionally-affecting tonalities, FREDDY has no problem with bringing a quality performance to the listening table.

FREDDY has released two paired singles, titled "Under Wraps (Interlude)" and "Party Of One".

Together, the two singles pair quite well, as their storylines and harmonies mesh in a very complementary way. "Under Wraps (Interlude)" starts off with a persistently soft piano melody, which only continues itself with a combination of other electronic effects. FREDDY allows listeners to get a very intimate and vulnerable look at who she is personally and artistically, venturing along with painful realities of how she remains strong. "Under Wraps (Interlude)" ends up pairing quite well with "Party Of One" because the two singles speak on similar, although varying, topics.

FREDDY only continues the soft and personal recollections with "Party Of One", as the single speaks on the pain and reality of lost relationships, and the realization that a "party of one" typically is the route to follow. The melodic guitar strumming creates a mystical listening environment, allowing the delicate vocalism of FREDDY to shine and exploit itself in the warmest way. FREDDY has that natural vocal ability to perform affecting lyricism, and she plays on the accentuation of various intonations in order to unravel various emotionality.

FREDDY kept us captivated and heartfelt during "Party Of One", and listeners are ultimately left feeling some type of emotion with the single.

All in all, "Under Wraps (Interlude)" and "Party Of One" bring graceful and sentimental storylines to light, bringing listeners in for a close look at the mindset of FREDDY. 

What kind of similarities and contrast did you feel was potently present between "Interlude" and "Party Of One"? Can you delve a bit into the reasoning behind pairing these two singles together?

I was originally putting out an EP called 'TRASH' but a lot has happened in the last three years and I went in a different direction production-wise. The interlude, "Under Wraps" was going to be in the middle of the project and act as a preview, hinting at "Party of One". The interlude beat was written by my good friends Chris and Teeb. It's just like a dreamy, stream of consciousness diary entry moment that came out of me as soon as I first heard it. I just feel like someone has to be able to relate to being confused as fuck yet full of hope and faith.

There aren't any similarities really except they’re both vulnerable as hell. I wrote "Party of One" alone on my couch in like 20 minutes after a whole bunch of bullshit transpired and an old friend of mine wrote the cool, intricate, folksy guitar line the next day when I sang it to him acapella. "Party of One" was the turning point for my sound I think. When I wrote that and got the first demo down I was like yes okay this feels super me. I need a folksy, southern feel across all my music because it feels authentic to who I am at heart and like ignites this physical fire in me - that type of instrumentation. I actually wish we recorded the whole guitar line on banjo. For me, the solution is always more banjo haha.

I'm honestly just a big, silly mess and I feel the two songs do a good job of making the big silly mess that is me seem pretty and "together". Not to mention writing what hurts always seems like a good idea and I was hurting so badly at the time.

Would you say that it was difficult to construct "Interlude" and "Party Of One" due to their personal nature regarding their narratives?

No. Not difficult at all. Therapeutic as hell actually. Both songs flowed out of me so quickly because I was super in my feelings at the time. I wasn't trying to write a song, I was just crying a lot haha, and trying to make myself feel better by purging all my thoughts. Lyrically just being completely transparent and not trying to write a good song. So many people told me not to release either because they aren't “bangers” but I don't care. I'm sure a few people will enjoy them. I deal with my hurt through humor I think, so although “Party of One” was one of the saddest times in my life, the song came out as the kind of like a melancholy, funny story. I wanted to say much gnarlier shit to the people it’s about, but the silly little digs came first so I rolled with it. I think I’ve said this before to you guys but I’m not like a songwriter. I swear angels whisper phrases into my ears when I’m my most introspective.

Are you able to share with our readers the milestones you've surpassed thus far within your music career that have led to the creation of "Interlude" and "Party Of One?"

Woof. I’m not sure I’ve surpassed any milestones yet because I have so far to go still haha. I guess the biggest thing has been overcoming fear and really adopting the go for no attitude in addition to really taking control of the music I want to make. The last few years have been crazy. I have worked with so many different people. Many who are no longer in my life. Unfortunately a lot of really hard lessons…SO MUCH CRYING! Haha

The biggest milestone is probably finally having confidence in what I do and what I want to say and what sounds and feels I want to be in my music. I demand much more of what I want and the music that follows from here on out will embody that. I trust me more now.

Where would you say you gather the majority of your influence on songs like "Interlude" and "Party Of One?" 

“Under Wraps” had no inspiration from other artists or concepts except the producers themselves. Chris and Teeb are phenomenal human beings and so good at their craft. The lyrics and melody came to me all at once the day I heard it. I think it’s just one of my meditations recorded. Once I realized “Party of One” was not just me crying and whining and talking to myself on my couch and could very well be a song, I specifically crafted it after hearing Post Malone’s “Feeling Whitney”. It’s by far my favorite song of his. (He is a massive inspiration to me). It didn’t turn out as good as his, but it was heavily inspired by it.

What's next for you?

2020 has been quite a whirlwind. My heart is heavy for everything that has taken place. I’ve just been praying a lot for everyone and will continue to pray.

I also just plan on continuing to make music and put out more and more material. I hope one song really catches someone’s attention enough to sign me to a major. I am hopeful to get on someone’s tour as an opener when touring comes back. I’m moving my best friends to Nashville in November and plan on working a lot over there as well. I have two more releases coming out before the end of the year and a couple of music videos coming out in early 2021. Just gonna keep on grinding so I can eventually sell out MSG! That has been and will always be the end goal. Whatever happens after that is just cherries on top.



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