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Free Arlo Gets Groovy All While Expressing His Feelings About the Being in the "friendzone"

Singer/songwriter Chance Famighetti, known professionally as Free Arlo, has been up-and-coming with his infectiously charming and adaptive sound. What kind of music can one truly expect from Free Arlo? Well, that's not the most straightforward question to answer because Free Arlo is often quite dynamic with the approach he tends to take on within his own musical creations.

One thing listeners can most definitely expect is his free-flowing spirit and humorous approach to being displayed and interpreted within any track he releases, especially within his most recent single release.

A brightly electronic ambiance washes over our ears immediately upon listening to Free Arlo's latest track, "friendzone." The track inevitably follows along with the narrative of, well, you guessed it: the realities of the friend-zone.

All of the emotions and tribulations involved with such a reality is expressed in a quick-paced manner, and ultimately adhering to an upbeat, buoyant rhythm. The rhythm adds that lightness to the track and what ultimately keeps the track as energetic as possible. One can even understand "friendzone" to be multi-faceted with its genre style, as Free Arlo doesn't typically stick to one genre within his music, and "friendzone" isn't any different. All in all, "friendzone" will have you bopping along with the satisfying melody, all while extending out compassion for the humorously-applied narrative of being stuck in the "friendzone."

Considering the approach taken on with the storyline of "friendzone", would you say that this type of narrative was sourced from your own personal life, or just a story you manufactured based on the cultural climate of today and the concept of being in the "friend zone"? The narrative in this song was written about one of my best friends Noe, and someone he had feelings for. I wrote it after a night out with a big group of friends, and i could see there was unspoken tension between the two. Fast forward to now, they are currently in a relationship and thriving - so you could say they successfully made it out of the “friendzone”. What kind of elements to "friendzone" were you hoping would stick out to your listeners? Was there a certain response you were hoping to receive from this recent track release of yours? The term “friendzone” has been thrown around so often, I felt the relatability of it would resonate with millennials - relatable songs tend to stick with listeners. Do you feel that the writing and recording of "friendzone" challenged you artistically in any way? I shifted to more of an upbeat, indie production that i hadn’t tried before and plan to keep exploring.  What would you describe to be the most natural element to "friendzone" regarding your own role in the creative process? I would say for this song, the most natural element would be that the story is about a real person in my life and their personal experience, but through my lens.   What can we expect to see next from you? Upcoming EP in January 2021 :) 



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