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Fresh New Artist From Florida, Reail With “Roots”

Reail is an upcoming artist out of Orlando, Florida who dropped his first single titled “Roots” after years of dabbling in and out of music. Influenced by the flow and melody of artists like Future, Gunna, Lil Uzi Vert, and Shy Glizzy as well as lyrics and imagery from those like Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and Big Pun there’s a combination in each song. With dreams and aspirations on being a household name rather than a “One Hit Wonder” there’s a lot of expectations just to have your name brought up with the hit makers.

Reail proves to us that he’s living up to the expectations with this banging track. “Roots” bass hits so hard you’re bound to head-nod to the music. Reail style seems to represent the community of trap rappers. The type of rappers to get the party bumping with a hype song. “Roots” has some elements to the style of the song that complements the sound of dark-trap. Reail gives you multiple different dimensions of extravagant lyricism and catchy wordplay. The energy in “Roots” were just right and the arrangement of dynamics in this track were spot on. Reail proves to us that he’s next up in this game, and he doesn’t plan on stopping until he reaches what he righteously deserves! “Roots” was a killer song and we’re excited to see what else this promising artist will deliver!

Check out "Roots" and keep scrolling for an exclusive interview with Reail!

Thank you for sharing your music with us Reail! You have multiple different influences to credit for your complexed rap style. So we must ask, which artist do you feel inspired you the most?

Man, thank you for really hearing me out, it feels good as an artist knowing at least it’s getting heard a little more than just in my state. I appreciate y’all but, if I’m really gonna be honest, it would be Drake. Now don’t take that it any fashion that I’m a singer or I be trying to in songs but, just listen to how he master his “sound” regardless of which record you can’t say drake doesn’t leave a stamp. Example he can go from Look Alive to Controller then to MIA and still take control with Nice For What, Hot Line Bling you know how the list goes. I’m just saying being able to branch out while still being classified as you and not an artist you sound like is the end goal and how I plan to end up so you gotta take notes.

Let’s talk about this single “Roots”. This was a dope beat! Who produced the track?

Maaaaaan when the beat first came on I had heard them in my beats and the way that the bass hit I was like 🤯 I gotta do this tbh I really didn’t know how I was gonna get on it but, back to the question that’s PoloBoyShawty “on the track so why you killing it”. Needless to say why it hits the way it does.

Mind describing the lyrical arrangement of “Roots”?

Well look, in the hook I’m sayin “Back in the bushes my roots”. So I’m just reflecting on the way I use to make money and letting them know that “don’t call it no comeback, I know what I’m doing the sixth man”. Meaning even tho it ain’t look like I had much going on at the end of the day there was still an end plan. And I start it off by saying it “These people still sleeping on me, I ain’t even waking them up boi I’m tip toeing and I’m stacking tha green”. (Fun fact - The third time i said that they sleeping on me it was an old song I did a couple years back that I remembered about and put it in with the song) Self explanatory I’ve tried to have people hear me out before tha flow on this song and you know that really never happens how you want it to, so regardless in my head whether it be Superstar or where I stand right now up and coming I just gotta do me and if it was meant to be it’ll fall in place so I just gotta stay out the way until then.

How do you plan on elevating your next song from a hit like this?

Being that Roots is my first Single that I put out i don’t want to sound cocky or come off that way but just off the 20 second previews I put on Instagram of other songs that I have I get dms telling me “Bro that snippet was hard” and what not but, just seeing those messages motivates me and let’s me know that I got something on the back burner ready to be released. Songs like “Sorry Momma”, “Sponsors” and “Racked Up” that are also produced by PoloBoyShawty along with “Doubt”, “Heart”, and “Itchin” which are produced by Fly Melodies are some of the snippets I put out and as you can see they look like they go in a couple different directions but one thing I can say is you will know that it’s “Reail” on the song.

What’s next for you Reail?

I plan on dropping visuals for Roots within the next month or two. A few new singles on the way and I have my EP in the works called “ A Reail Lyfe” along with a mixtape with Loc Hefner we have the work in motion but not the name yet. Honestly, I don’t know what the next step is but I know I’m “on go” so whatever comes I just know I’m ready for it. Like they say “You can’t rush greatness” and it’s different being proclaimed it rather than self proclaimed it so I have to convince my crowd that I can keep up with the “hit makers”.


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