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FriendlyBear Is Gearing Up To Release Their New Song, ‘Love Bluff’

This is not a love song: this is a story of a one-sided relationship in which the protagonist has feelings that are not real.

Propelled by the thrashing of electric guitars and bouncing drums, Guy Jedidiah screams the opening lyric, “I’m hating it, the way you’re looking at me. I’m faded.” If you’ve ever been in a similar situation, you can feel the singer’s anguish pierce his voice and into your skin.

The lyrics pull you deep into memories and feelings that you try to forget. Even though the lyrics weep with heartache, this song remains upbeat. Instead of wanting to cry your eyes out while wrapped in blankets, you want to cry while screaming and jumping to the beat. This song might be the cathartic release you need if you find yourself on the receiving end of a "Love Bluff."

FriendlyBear has been making an impact across Los Angeles since its debut in 2018. Consisting of Executive Chef and lead vocalist Guy Jedidiah, as well as Megan and Adam Bones (The Two Tens), Save Ferris, Compress Collide, and The Gabba Gabba Heys. This trio pays homage to the ‘garage band’ era. They make music that is reminiscent of the ’90s.

FriendlyBear draws inspiration from bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Stone Temple Pilots. ‘Love Bluff’ is produced in Los Angeles by Michael Eisenstien, and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Hans Dekline. The result of this amazing collaboration is a polished and playful pop-rock song that everyone can love.

"Love Bluff" by FriendlyBear will be available worldwide on Friday, February 28th - get the exclusive first listen here.

Tune in to BDRK.FM on February 26th at 8:00 PM to hear FriendlyBear talk about their upcoming single, EP release and EP release show at The Hi Hat in Los Angeles! Grab your tickets here.

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