From Armenia to China to Los Angeles, Gemini George Captures Our Attention With "Full Foolish Love"

Born and raised in Armenia, Gemini George is a guitarist and singer-songwriter who is notable for his dreamy guitar ballads,multi genre guitar solos and energetic performances. Using his knowledge from being classically trained in guitar, Gemini George uses finger style, slide and various finger picking techniques to make his music whole. From the age of 17 he was writing songs leading up to him being the frontman of Joker, Thief & Knight, Gemini George is currently based in the United States and is currently working on his new album titled “Gems”.

His single "Full Foolish Moon" has captured our attention. Its signature blend of dreamy guitar instrumentals meets the listener in an enlightening way. A light wind instrument is also incorporated giving it a more mysterious wandering feel. Gemini George's vocals oozes every aspect of a sultry folk song that you won't be able to stop listening to. The song comforts you with a freeing feeling like the listener is wandering peacefully. Now, comes the drums and piano which give it a more solid feel while keeping the dream like quality. A beautiful composition of raw instruments and voice.

"Full Foolish Moon" is a must-have song for your self-love playlist. It's a song that makes you feel like no matter what's going on, you'll get through it and everything will be okay. You can add the song to your playlist here.

Check out our exclusive interview with Gemini George below!

It's great to get a chance to talk with you Gemini George! We'd love to learn more about you. Can you give us a brief history of your musical career?

Most definitely! I’m Gemini George. I’m a guitarist, singer-songwriter. Growing up I was

fascinated by Western music, most notably the British Invasion era of Rock’n’Roll. But I also

received a lot of Eastern Folk influences through my genetic code. Picked up the guitar at the age of 9 after seeing Elvis on TV - was begging my folks to get me a guitar teacher, which they did. I went through classical guitar training in a music school, where I played a lot of classical sheet music and Flamenco. As soon as I was done with the school I immediately got my first electric guitar to fulfill my longtime dream. Started writing songs from the age of 17. It became my soul food and a hope for future. Had many bands since then. Due to my frequent relocations my most memorable act was with Joker, Thief & Knight - an international Rock band I established with my friends in China. We

toured for a couple years and had the time of our lives. After that relative local success with the band and having compiled albums worth of unrecorded music I finally decided to pursue it professionally and took the opportunity to move to the US.

How did you come up with your name? Is there a meaning behind it?

There were many events and signs that led to it... To a point that now it’s all so vague in my

memory that I can’t recall that very moment of “Eureka!”. There was this one month where I

was like a complete Hermit. A lot of introspective thoughts... Grew fond of Astrology and Tarot.

A meteor shower called Geminids happened around that time. My drummer Dave (The Knight)

used to always say: “George, you’re a quintessential Gemini!” and we would laugh. For better

or worse, it was a true statement... See? I can’t remember how exactly I came up with it..

Everything just ripened for that moment! Luckily the .com was available haha. Otherwise I

might have passed on it...

Do you write your own music? Can you tell us a bit about your writing style?

Yes! When I wrote my first song I knew this was the new path for me - the highest form of self-

expression I could think of. It’s been 12 years of songwriting for me... So a lot of the style and

processes have evolved since then. But one thing remains untouched - the feelings which I

consider the catalyst of the process. But I’m not talking about just any sort of feelings or the

daily shallow emotions... See, I never pursued songwriting as a career where I would wake up

and just make myself write songs for myself or for selling it to other artists. In my case it had to

be something that would move my heart, cause turbulence in my soul to a degree that no other

form of self-help or drug could give that highest form of satisfaction as songwriting would do

for me... Genres, instrumentation and all of these other components come second for me -

they’re the post-production. But it all starts with cathartic feelings that push me to take the

guitar. The purer the feelings, the easier and more natural the song comes out.

Where did the inspiration behind "Full Foolish Moon" come from?

It was last year around this time... I had to make a decision whether I’m going back to China to

my band, friends and love or taking a new adventure to the US... I would wake up with one

decision and sleep with another. Eventually I took my guitar, went to a resort town 6000 feet

above sea level, climbed up a hill, got my guitar out, it was a giant full moon and I was so close

to the sky... then I just poured my soul into it... as I was writing I could realize that it’s turning

into a farewell song. But that’s what I exactly wanted - to hear my heart - which only came

through music in serene moments like that.

What’s next for Gemini George?

It’s been a year since I wrote the song and decided to move to the US. It certainly has been a

Journey so far... I tested myself in the most extreme conditions... Tried to see if I can pursue

music all by myself in a completely new environment. Learned my lessons for sure.. Now it’s

the time that I know who I am (or at least that’s how we all feel year after year) and I know what

I want to do in life. So I’m eager to connect with like-minded people - the crazy ones who dare

to dream! Forming a band and getting into a label is of highest priority. I’m moving to Portland next month. I’ve heard a lot about its Indie music scene. I’ve never ever lived in a city where there is a real music scene. So I’m super trilled what this new chapter would open up for me there.

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