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From Bottom To Top, Chise Up Is Taking You On Their Musical Journey With "Segue"

Chise Up has a catalog of projects that the dynamic duo has put into the world so they can continue to garner attention from listeners on an international level. With frequent collaborations from in-house super-producer CKP and hitmaker Ill Brown, these emcees continue to turn heads with their plentiful releases. Their latest hit, “Segue,” holds up to all of the standards they have set for themselves as they continue to rule the industry.

Smooth and ambient vibrations of “Segue,” fill the speakers from instrumentation produced by the one and only, The TrakAddicts. The mellow wave in which each note flows allows your mind to fixate on a serene state that provides a tantalizing quintessence. Chise Up delivers a raw and thorough conveyance of their lyrical abilities through their knack for wordplay and vibrant tonal distinction.

A refreshing sound of independence has us fully charged up while being pulled into the enticing lyrical expressions demonstrated. Painting a vivid image of what they’ve gone through to get to the place of content they can reside in, they continue to push for what’s next to come with their dire work ethic and scorching hunger. The elements fused together with the slow tempo progression carries an alluring rhythm, while the drums add a lively groove, this record hits home with the full musical composition.

Chise Up creates a gravitational pull towards their craft as they serve up a prevailing delivery through an unrivaled spirit flexing on the genre of Hip-hop. In a world where we’re encouraged to express our most unique forms as individuals, Chise Up’s “Segue,” remains on top.

Thank you for being with us at BuzzMusic, Chise Up, and congratulations on the release of, “Segue.” You serve up a lot of truth in this song. What inspires you to delve into a place of personal experience when releasing the music that you do?

Thank you for having us, and rocking with our music, BuzzMusic, truly appreciate the love. The track dictates my words, and when I heard the track for Segue, it just sounded like something that would be played after winning a championship, in a movie, which prompted me to say, "Runner-ups this is 1st place, running up the score", lbs.

What would you like your listeners to take away from “Segue?" The intricacies in our lyricism. We have two very different and distinct voices, and sometimes people get lost in the sound but pay attention to the BARZ... We're saying things people NEED to hear.

Could you please tell us about what the creative process was like when crafting “Segue?"

Classic and I usually write separate from each other, but we're cousins, and very like-minded, so once I heard the track, I knew from the jump I didn't want us to have a hook on it, and he agreed. It was too melodic for us to oversaturate it with more words, lol, so we agreed to just give listeners a light and airy song, to go along with the feel of the track.

Who are the musical inspirations that you have that influence the music you create? Rakim is the reason I started Emceeing in the 1st place, way back in the 80s when I was a kid. Of course, Pac, Biggie, & Jay-Z's "Reasonable Doubt" CD was a MAJOR influence on my flow, but my modern-day influences are Curren$y, Young Roddy, Mos Def, & Griselda.

What goals can we expect next from you in 2021?

A ton of content! Videos, Music, a Movie is in the works as well. Our Clothing line is continuing to flourish, so I see more opportunities to get that at the forefront of a lot of future endeavors as well. More features from artists we love and rock with are on the way too, shoutout to #daCiRCLEcru, and #TruNdeedManagement! Thank you!!!


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